What Nots

When you’re done reading our posts here are a few of our favorite things, places, and other what-nots:


I love fashion and design so of course I love Style.com and F Network from the Apple app store. I can watch all the latest and future fashions hit the runway..

I love Etsy I could spend so many hours looking at all the great stuff. I found great patterns from Pacific Designs, alifoster Patterns & ginia18. I’ll be posting the projects I make from these patterns…they’re keepers for sure!

I absolutely love postsecret! I have all the books and look forward to new secrets posted every Sunday! I find indulging in secrets fun, heartwarming and sometimes sad… it’s a place to let go, no judgement, expose vulnerability and reveals the heart and soul.

I have a few favorite blogs that I am obsessed with. Adventures in Dressmaking and New Dress a Day give me fantastic ideas on creating new clothes from old ones and finding ways to make clothes with found inspiration. I also have a soft spot for sweets, especially funny ones. CakeWrecks should be a favorite for everyone…It always makes me giggle.


My dear friend Holly has recently started Blogging about her healthy adventures in San Diego. While I’m not a runner myself (unless you count chasing the kids), I do know some of you are…Check it out! Eat & Run in San Diego

I started following a few other blogs out there. Oh Happy Day is one of my favorite.  And right now its author, Jordan Ferney, is living the dream in Paris for a year.  And now you (but hopefully me) can join her.  Check it out by going here http://ohhappyday.com/2011/06/goes-to-paris/

I also love Armelle-the blog.  Her jewelry is awesome and she has great recipes (the kids love her mac n cheese!).

Since college I think I’ve owned at least one IKEA piece at any given time.  IKEA Hackers is a new obsession.  They have tons of DIY ideas for repurposing just about everything from IKEA.  I could spend hours upon hours looking at all the great ideas.


_my friend agnessbaddoo knows everything and i can listen to her talk for hours and hours (so can my mom!)

_my friend and i started a pr boutique company earlier this 2011 called bff pr. i don’t think yvette is too happy about my neglectfulness to the cookie! and my own personal blog: the bff

_everloving records and albino crow records keep me and my ears in tune all year long.

_artist of my life and would buy it all if i could: tyler warren

_staples for everyday inspirations: the sartorialist, garance dore, and kinfolk magazine.

_ a few of my favorite things always involve color or patterns, from textiles to papers like these places: print & pattern, pantone, paper-source, free fonts, or COLOURlovers.

_ “back in the day i am not a kid anymore” i used to travel around a lot but now i vicariously live it through the eat.shop guides. all the authors research, write, and photograph the best of everything fabulous and locally owned across the u.s. and parts of europe. rather san diego first edition editor anyone? coming soon to a shop near you.

_ i try very hard to be conscience of the environment and to do my part. so i turn the lights off (my husband does most of the time for me), i rarely take showers, and i bring my cool bags with me to the store: recycle this, priscillawoolworth.com, californian’s against waste, and surfrider foundation.)

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