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Wallpaper Art

10 Jun


This wall art is the last piece to the bathroom renovation puzzle. The print is the vintage wallpaper that was originally in the bathroom. During demolition, we were able to salvage a few large pieces off of the drywall. The plan all along was to frame it and hang the print on the wall of the newly completed bathroom.

I sized up the area that I wanted to show in the frame, once I had that, we checked out frames. Lucky for us, we found an in stock size! Custom framing is expensive and we wanted to keep this relatively cheap. I found that the 24×36 size was a good fit and it was only $30 on sale! At home, I found the center of the print and measured 12″ to each side and marked it. Once marked, I used a straight edge and then cut the excess off. I repeated for the length. Lastly, I used double sided tape and smoothed out the wallpaper to the frame backing so I had no wrinkles. I can’t wait to see it hung in the bathroom!


The print itself is beautiful, but the fact that the colors are all in a grey/sepia tone makes it worth saving! There have been lots of ugly wallpapers being torn out of old houses, mine included, but this one is one of the most interesting I’ve seen in a LONG time.


My mother-in-law said that her mom was actually going to let the kids “color” the ladies in! I’m so glad she didn’t, I can only imagine what that would look like. Yikes!

Funky Finds

7 Mar


Aren’t these prints fun? My mother in-law has had these prints for years! They are my favorite and I enjoy looking at them all the time, they make my heart smile.


There are many prints hanging all over the house, but these two really make me happy! The colors, the faces, the designs, they have a fun and funky vintage vibe that I love!

A Birthday Suit

9 Jul

I really love cute vintage dresses. I wish I had a little more patience when it comes to shopping thrift stores, I just really don’t have the time. To get my vintage fix, I sew my own from vintage patterns. My first go round, I made this Vintage Vogue pattern for my friend’s wedding last September. It’s a 1940’s style dress. I paired it with a coat that my mother-in-law passed down to me and I absolutely love it!

This is my latest, a modern version of a 1960’s dress from New Look 6000 pattern.

I was channeling my inner Joan when selecting the color. Anyone else sad that Mad Men season 5 is already over? anyways…the design called for a large button on the collar, but I decided I wanted to use a vintage circle style pin instead. I really love my new dress and can’t wait to wear it again!!

My next project is a kelly green dress. I can’t wait to start!

So American

21 Jan

Maybe this is me getting all nostalgic for the past, but I am really getting into vintage cars. Of course, this should be no surprise. I love vintage fashion and furniture. I also am obsessed with the architecture of old buildings and little ghost towns.

My brother is really into his old truck, I think he calls her “Betsy.” He loves old trucks so much he started his own car club with some friends. I asked if I could join, but my Prius doesn’t qualify. Bummer!

While this truck is old and dusty, doesn’t run, needs a lot of work, I can still see the beauty of it all.

Eat.Shop Editors Wanted!

6 Apr

If ever publisher and creator of the Eat.Shop Guides, Kaie Wellman needs a San Diego guide I will be first in line resume flying high above my head like one of those annoying know-it-all first graders (you know who I am talking about! ;).

Alas, she’s looking for talented editors in the San Fran, Seattle, DC, and New Orleans area. Check out this short and fun questionnaire for the job:

#1: do you live in one of these cities?

washington dc

new orleans


san francisco

#2: are you equally as passionate and knowledgable about eating and shopping?

#3: do you love the uniqueness of local, independent places

#4: do you ferret out places in your town that nobody else knows about whether they be new or old?

#5: do you love funky and old and unusual as much as you love new and modern and chic?

#6: have you travelled extensively?

#7: have you lived in a major city?

#8: do you have a discerning eye and a strong design aesthetic?

#9: do you love taking pictures of objects

#10: do you have a digital slr camera (not a point and shoot!)?

#11: do you blog?

#12: is your writing style fresh and full of spunk and verve?

#13: what magazines, blogs, media do you read?

#14: are you super hooked in to your city on an eating / food / retail / art / design / music / business level?


okay. that’s enough questions for now. if you’re interested in throwing your hat in the ring,

paste these questions into an email with your answers!


kaie wellman

publisher / creator: eat.shop guides



the handkerchief spring challenge

20 Mar

Sew, I was trying to clean out the garage but instead I tripped and stumbled down nostalgia lane (typical). I was stuck somewhere between 1989 – 1992 and found plenty of Hello Kitty gear that I could open my own Sanrio Surprise gift shop.  I guess I went through a phase of collecting Kero Kero Keroppi and had accumulated quite a bit of Sanrio handkerchiefs in the process as well. I showed our friend, Ming who told me that in China they keep handkerchiefs on them at all times for purposes other than blowing their noses. He said they use them to dry their hands after washing in public restrooms. Often times toilet patrons either pay for a napkin or don’t have the option of drying their hands.

This got me to thinking… we could totally follow the lead of China and either charge for the restroom napkins or not have the option of dry hands as we leave. We are already working on eliminating plastic bags why not reduce our paper use as well? Oh the conveniences of being American but we really take for granted and abuse all that we have. We need to be more resourceful and be kinder to earth. We can also teach our children some major lessons on reducing, recycling, and reusing!

Bows and Mums Vintage Hankie from Etsy Store: cushgoods

Very Unusual Vintage Hankie from Etsy Store: cushgoods

Since it is spring we can all try to for a season (and hopefully forever after) of using handkerchiefs to dry our hands after washing in public. Who knows where and what else we can get creative about. I have plenty but for those of you who need some ideas (your local antique store might have some very cool vintage linens laying about) check out Etsy.

Here are some sweet handkerchiefs just perfect for spring at Cushgoods.

Think of all the fun you can have finding handkerchiefs for friends, family, different seasons, to match your wardrobe?  Small changes make for big results! Share your hankie-pankie ideas of saving our world one idea at a time with us!

don’t judge me! i am no saint.

3 Jan

you know you’ve thought about it. what would you look like all dolled up as glamorous as a 50’s pin up girl? well,  only a boudoir photo shoot by  la mia bella photo (aka teresa brantley) can make your thought a reality. offering a single session or a party with a couple of your close girlfriends in the comfort of your own bedroom teresa helps you find your inner betty or marilyn.


mrs. collins

need another reason to stick to your 2011 resolution or inspiration for a valentine’s gift: just give la mia bella photo a call, email, or hit them up on facebook!


ms. shepard

however, if the bedroom is not where you want to be or if you want your family in the shoot, la mia bella photo can help you with that too. read on…

i made my family take our first family photo session by a professional photographer! no picture people in the mall or some lame studio… instead, teresa and i found a quite location and she took photos of us. naturally, there were some moments of awkwardness: where should my hands go, do i look fat, my right side is my better side, etc., but ever patient and always sweetly honest, teresa produced plenty of gorgeous shots!

la mia bella photo

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