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Go Kings Go!!

2 Jun


Let’s win game two!!

Sea Salt Ice Cream Cake

20 May


Okay, maybe I lied…There isn’t really any cake involved.  It’s technically just graham crackers.  But its shaped like a cake, I guess.

At any rate, this is good.  Like really really good.  But this story begins in Portland, OR.  While visiting the infamous Miss Summer, we took a detour on the way to the airport and had some delicious ice cream at Salt & Straw.  Inspired by their Sea Salt Ice cream with Caramel Ribbons, I came home and hunted around Pinterest for a Sea Salt Ice Cream recipe.  I found this one…I mean three ingredients.  Doesn’t get any easier.

I made the ice cream as directed and let it firm up in the freezer for about an hour and a half.  I lined a loaf pan with plastic wrap while I waited….and waited…

When you can’t wait anymore, throw down a layer of graham crackers–break them as needed to make sure you get full coverage.  Top that with a layer of ice cream (which is still pretty soft at this point) and then squeeze some caramel sauce on top of that.  Sorry, I’m not sure how much.  I just kept going until everything was good and covered.  Then you layer–like a lasagna.

Graham, ice cream, caramel, graham, ice cream, caramel, graham, ice cream.

Put it all back in the freezer to completely harden, probably overnight.  Slice and serve.


These two pieces that I photographed for you are literally the last two.  This “cake” went fast.  Next time I may consider doubling everything!

Looks Like Gold To Me

16 Mar


In my last act as class leprechaun I made celebratory treats for my son’s class. Always one to use whatever is on hand, I had a not-quite-full box of yellow cake mix (used for flavoring in the cake batter bark here).  I added 2 eggs and a half cup of vegetable oil and BAM!  Cookie dough.  I dyed the dough green (obvious choice) and rolled them around in a dish of gold and rainbow-colored sanding sugar.  They were baked for 7 mins at 350 degrees.

I love a little shimmer…

DSC_0431Doesn’t this look like I’ve gone all in during the most amazingly delicious game of poker?  Dessert poker anyone?!  I see your cookie and raise you a pie!

Easily distracted…sorry…anyhoo, once the cookies were cooled I cut the tops off Ziplock sandwich bags and individually packaged each cookie, tying the baggies off with handy-dandy Washi tape.




Semi-homemade Lemonade cookies

15 Mar


So last time we tried the orange cookies here, and this time we tried the pink lemonade that Zoey picked out. I love lemon cookies, I ate 3 boxes of the lemon wedge Girl Scout cookies this year! The Pillsbury cookie mix is a little too sweet for me, but the kids LOVE them! I think Yvette’s version of lemonade cookies are more my style!


The cookies come out more pink than the picture on the box, which is totally okay! These would be great for Easter, girly birthday party, tea party or a fun springtime treat! We decorated ours with melting candy in a piping bag and added colored sprinkles before the candy dried.


Do you love lemon cookies as much as I do?

A very Cheese-y surprise!

26 Nov

A Birthday Surprise

Cheese had a surprise for Zoey’s birthday last year! He baked cupcakes and decorated a special treat all on his own! If you have a December birthday in your family, maybe your elf could celebrate in their own special way! I wonder what Cheese will come up with this year?

North Pole Cupcakes

At school, we shared Zoey’s birthday with the class and all the kids made their own North Pole inspired cupcake! We supplied the kids with coconut, sprinkles, frosting, a candy cane and a gingerbread man cookie.

Now the kids get a turn!

Spread Christmas Cheer!!

S’more Summer Snacks

20 Jun

The inspiration for this post came from A Lot On Your Plate! Recently, I read Jess’s post on the “Twisted S’more” … (check it out here! ) and as soon as I saw Nutella I was sold! I happened to have all of these ingredients because I was the sucker that bought into my local supermarket’s display of graham crackers, chocolate and jumbo marshmallows! You win Ralph’s! Sheesh! Anyways, the kids and I have been having S’mores for dessert for a few nights and it was getting kind of old..until I read this post! Yay!!  We tried out one of the suggested “Twisted S’mores” and came up with a few of our own!

The Banana Nutella S’more….

I think I will never buy a Hershey bar again! Nutella is my “go to” for s’mores from now on! Nutella rocks!!

These were our versions of a Twisted S’more!!

The Elvis S’more….

Spread peanut butter on the graham cracker, add 2-3 slices of bananas and add 1- toasted marshmallow. Top with another honey graham cracker and enjoy!

This version had us shaking our hips Jail House Rock Style!! The great thing is that the peanut butter gets melted easily and mixes well with the toasted ‘mallow! I love toasted PB&J because melted peanut butter is heavenly!

The Date Night S’more…

Spread Nutella on the graham cracker, add 2-3 sliced bananas, 3-4 sliced strawberries, 1 toasted marshmallow… devour!

This version was going to be my Banana Split S’more until I actually ate it! This is a dream! The sweet bananas and strawberries are a perfect combination to the Nutella and marshmallow. These get so melted and delicious, you’ll be licking chocolate off your fingers! This is not your kid’s s’more, it’s sin-fully sweet!!

Drink more Ovaltine

8 Jun

I haven’t had Ovaltine since I was a kid and I remember always liking Nestle Qwik so much more. I guess when you put the two canisters side by side at the store, the kids will always choose the one with the bunny on it! Over the weekend, I came across the same dilemma while standing in the aisle… this time I was thinking more like a parent and the bunny was WAY less convincing. I chose the Ovaltine… the kids won’t know the difference (just don’t show the container).

As a sweet treat for the kids, I doctored up some Chocolate Banana Shakes using Ovaltine!

8-9 ice cubes

1 cup milk

3 tablespoons Ovaltine

2 ripe bananas; peeled & sliced

I blended these until smooth and it’s ready to serve.

The kids really think it’s a shake! It makes enough to get 3-4 drinks and the kids loved it! The best part is.. I had everything on hand. Cheers to Summertime Sweets!

March Madness

22 Mar

A few great things about March: The time change, it’s officially Spring, St Patrick’s Day, my wedding anniversary and March Madness! For those of you not familiar, you must not watch ESPN! The “madness” is about college basketball, specifically the road to the Final Four and ultimately the National Championship. I filled in my bracket this year and was super excited to start off with so many wins! My bracket is somewhat busted, but some of my picks are still going strong. This year’s Final Four takes place in New Orleans and to get in the spirit, I decided to make some beignets.


Beignets are delicious little bites of deep-fried goodness, similar to a doughnut. This was my first attempt at making these and they were delicious. I’m ashamed to say, I ate like half of that pile!

I mixed the dough, you can find a great recipe from Paula Deen here, and rolled it out to 1/8″ thickness. The dough is really sticky so use lots of flour during the roll process. I used a pizza cutter and made little 2 1/4″ squares.

The next step is the frying. I heated up my oil to 370 and dropped in a few squares at a time. The first round came out great and my last batch I had the mistake of adding one to many to the oil and the oil temp dropped. That batch didn’t come out as puffy as I would have liked.

I removed them from the oil when they became a nice golden color. Next, I liberally sprinkled them powdered sugar as they were still hot.

These little treats are great with coffee! I am going to be making these again for Mother’s Day Brunch!

Best Brownie Debate

4 Jun

While taking a walk with my friend and co-worker, David, during our lunch hour, we pondered brownies. He began to tell me about what he says is the best and only type of brownie he likes. This made me start to wonder, what have I been missing out on? Of course there are many types of brownies and everyone has their favorite. My favorite.. ALL BROWNIES! David’s favorite and reason for this post.. brownies laced with… chocolate chip cookies! Get your minds out of the gutter! I was intrigued and had to attempt this feat myself.

I started with the box brownie mix.. nothing special.. just brownie mix. Hey! a girl needs a little cheat every once in a while! Not to worry.. the chocolate chip cookies were from scratch, recipe courtesy of Pheobe Buffet’s grandmother.. Nestle Toll-house! ( a little nod to my fav show EVER!)

Make the brownie mix as directed and pre-heat oven to 350 degrees. Make chocolate chip cookies, as directed. I chose to omit the nuts.. because sometimes you feel like a… sometimes you don’t.

Pour the brownie yumminess into a greased 9 x 13 dish.

Next, spoon dollops of cookie dough onto the brownie batter. There is no right or wrong to this step.. I tried for a marbled effect. After, I gave the pan a little shake to help the cookie dough sink in. Pop the pan in the oven.. I set the time for 24 minutes and did the toothpick check.. it wasn’t ready. I reset for 5 minutes and checked again.. looks good, but I gave it 2 more minutes. That may have been pushing it.. the smoke alarm started going off! Not to worry, the brownies came out PERFECT!

I have seen the brownie/cookie combo, but in most cases the cookie completely covered the brownie. For me, I like the marbling. David may be right… this is a pretty darn good brownie! What are your favorite brownies? With nuts? With a caramel swirl? In the form of bites or pops… like from Sweet & Salty?

PS: There will be extra cookie dough! That is the bonus! I rolled my extra dough up and froze it for another day/ post.

Sweet & Salty

18 May
Brownie Pops

Brownie Bites

I was watching one of my favorite food shows, Good Eats with Alton Brown. The episode playing this week is all about salty sweets! There were great recipes featured like Grapefruit Brulee, Salty Carmels and Praline Bacon. The Praline Bacon reminded me of Summer’s post about sweet bacon treats while the Salty Carmels gave me another idea.

I remember a couple of years ago at a party I had tried those little square chocolates with sea salt on them. They were so delicious and really enhanced the chocolate flavor. I decided to sprinkle sea salt on the tops of my sweet brownie bites. Of course, I had to make some with sprinkles for the kiddos… Try a little coarse sea salt ( just a pinch/sprinkle) on your next chocolate treat! You taste buds will thank you!

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