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Crater Curious

6 Mar


I still can’t believe that this past holiday weekend was the first time we went out to the Amboy Crater! The crater site is only a short drive and the sites are amazing!


Once we parked, we took the trail to the crater. The trail is about 3 miles, round trip, and I was amazed that the kids made it! It is also very important to wear good sneakers or hiking boots and you should bring lots of water!


While on the trail, we spotted some lizards and lots of lava rock! Some where even put into shapes for everyone to enjoy!


On Holiday

5 Mar

We were lucky to have an extended holiday weekend, a total of 4 days off! Of course our first choice is to always go out to the desert!


We had a relaxing, fun-filled weekend. The kids made dirt soup, visited a neighbor’s chicken coop, sat in another neighbor’s airplane, rode on a quad, hiked to the inside of a crater and more!


Our four legged kids also enjoy the extra room to run and play!


Can you remember the last time you had this much fun on a carousel?


Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend as well! Check back tomorrow for our Crater adventure hike!

The Oregon Coast

26 May

Two days and one night along the Oregon Coast with three young children was quite the adventure. This mini-vacay/ road trip is, so far, one of my favorites. As soon as my husband got home for work we hit the road and took the long way (avoided the 5). We drove through the Willamette Valley, passed like 1,000 wineries and a ginormous boarding school. The thing I love most about driving to the beaches or “the coast” as Oregonians call it are the long winding forests drives and streams, rivers, and lakes that you pass by. Once on the 101 it’s still almost as if you’re in a magical forest with the lovely (and chilly) sea to the West. Once we arrived at our hotel we changed the youngest and set out for some dinner at Rogue’s Ale House in Newport.

The next morning we surprised the kids with a visit to the Newport Aquarium. We were surrounded by sharks, saw some sea animal behaviors, got splashed by a naughty puffin, and got hands on with sea cucumbers, starfishies, and sea urchins.

photo by summer browner (c) 2012

After the aquarium we wanted to hit up the Yaquina Head Lighthouse but two out of three of our chitlens were too small for the stair-hike. So we continued on back up the 101 to visit the Devil’s Punchbowl and Cape Foulweather.

photo by summer browner (c) 2012

photo by summer browner (c) 2012

The views from Cape Foulweather were amazing. You could almost see the curvature of the Earth.

P.S. To visit Yaquina Head Lighthouse requires a $7 day pass and a height requirement of at least 42″. Also, if you are traveling without children there are plenty of wineries and a couple casinos along the way… depending on where you’re coming from.

Kiss the sky

19 May


During our last few hours in Chicago, on a sunny Sunday afternoon, we had a cocktail at The Signature Room on Ninety-fifth. We took and elevator that goes straight to the 95th floor and doesn’t stop.


We had drinks for charity, a portion of the drink cost goes to the charity of the day. I had a martini and it was delicious.


You think this view is crazy, you should check out the ladies room! The floor to ceiling windows are insane!


We had a great time! Happy Birthday Sarah!

Blue Chicago

18 May


On Saturday night, after dinner, we checked out Blue Chicago! The live Blues music was awesome and we had a great time.


The Birthday Girl, snapped this photo of Big Time Sarah and I.


I left Blue Chicago with CDs and I get to re-live the night when ever I listen to them!

A walk in the park

17 May


A visit to Chicago would not be complete without going to the beautiful Millennium Park.


The tulips were in full bloom and were absolutely gorgeous. Tulips are one of my favorite flowers and these did not disappoint.


It’s not hard to see what is so awesome about this bean. You can stand back and see the skyline as well as the clouds pass you by. You can also walk under it and see some great distorted views of yourself. We chose to get up close and see ourselves in the bean.


Want to escape?

14 May


I have a small obsession with fire escapes. I guess I watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s and Pretty Woman too many times. I always wanted a fire escape, it would look a little silly on our ranch style home. I settle for taking photos of my favorites.


Could you imagine if you actually had to use one of these! Holy cow!


The architecture in Chicago is beautiful! I love old buildings and all of the classic details that have been preserved though out the years.


Do you have any favorite buildings or architectural details?

The Blue Line

11 May


One of my favorite parts of going to other cities is riding trains! We have trains in LA, of course, but there is something fun about public transportation everywhere but home.


I would much rather be sitting on a train than on the 405 parking lot every morning. What about you?


10 May


This April, I went on a girl’s trip to Chicago! You may remember the trip I took last year to San Francisco for Cecilia’s Bachelorette weekend, well this time the trip was for Sarah’s birthday! Chicago is one of my favorite cities so I was thrilled to join in on the fun!


We spent three days taking on The Windy City and I think we did pretty well. We had lots of great food and so many laughs! It was a fantastic time and in the next few posts I will share some of the highlights… Cheers!

A San Francisco Treat

23 Aug

Recently I spent the weekend in San Francisco! As you may remember, one of my best friends is getting married and we spent her bachelorette weekend in San Francisco. It was a beautifully planned event by the MOH, Sarah. Sarah is not a professional planner, but she should be! The weekend was so packed with great food and fond memories that I can’t get everything out in one post! This will be the first in a short series of posts about the greatest weekend!We all met up at LAX on Friday morning and boarded our flight! It was a little over an hour and we had arrived. We took a short trip on the BART and there we were, in the center of it all! San Francisco is such a gorgeous city!

We hoofed it up Powell Street to our hotel. I was not prepared at all! Hiking up a hill in heels was not the best idea. It seemed like an eternity to get to California Street!

We stayed at the Stanford Renissance Hotel and we had the most amazing view from our suite. I love the architecture in the city! I always wanted to live in an apartment with a fire escape. I think I may have watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s one too many times. My husband offered to build me a fire escape outside our bedroom window, but that would have looked pretty silly on our one bedroom house!

Check out tomorrow’s post…for more on our fabulous weekend!

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