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Kids remember everything

2 Jul

You know when your kids are super upset and you’d say just about anything to make them stop crying, well Zoey called me on it!  A little while back, Abbey, our new puppy, chewed up her squishy frog. We told the kids over and over that the puppy will eat their toys, I guess they forgot. We found Zoey’s missing frog, in pieces- gross. I mentioned that the next time we went to the store we’d buy her a new toy and she wanted a lizard. Done… she was over it and the tears were gone.

While at the store yesterday, the kids found these lizards, geckos to be exact. Zoey looked up at me and said, “remember you said I could get a new lizard…” While I had both kids with me, I couldn’t get one something without getting the other something as well, too bad they both wanted the same thing! I could see the into my future of breaking up fights between the two kids because there was no way to tell the toys apart. I came up with a solution, I stitched a bow on the head of Zoey’s gecko and made a small super hero cape for Calvin’s gecko. The kids have not set them down since… hopefully because they have learned their lesson. Mission accomplished?

Play Time!

8 Jul

I have two beasts [ahem…I mean boys] at home.  To say that they can be rough on their toys would be an understatement.  I just hate purchasing plastic toys only to find that two days later they are completely destroyed.

I’ve found a few adorable toys that will not only inspire your child’s imagination, but just as importantly, they will withstand the wildest imaginations. 

City in a Bag 

$14 USD 

Oh the places they’ll go!  Muji carries these super cute little cities in a bag.  They are available for Paris, Tokyo and New York. 

Fresh Cut Fishing Set

$38 USD

Gone Fishin!  Anthro sells this set exclusively online.  And if fishing isn’t your bag, there is a similar set for all those future doctors out there. 

Keep on Trucking

$15-$25 USD

Vrrrrooooom!  These rough and tumble trucks can take a beating.  As a bonus, they are made of eco-friendly and replenishable rubberwood.  

Tego Magnetic Wood Building Blocks

$32 USD

I’ve had my eye on these blocks for a while now.  They are simply cool.  They come in different stains even!  These building blocks will add another dimension to your little one’s imagination with the addition of a magnetic element. 


 Summer time is play time!  Happy Weekend!!

On Call

21 Jun

Dr. Mom was on call once again. The patient: a dolphin- aka “Flipper”. Reason for visit: lack of polyester fiberfill. Recommendation: minor surgery.  This procedure is a little more invasive than my last. The last patient only needed a band-aid!

First step was sterilization. “Flipper” took a dive into the washer and then a spin in the dryer.

Next, I removed the tattered tag and seam ripped under one fin.

Once open, I added a little polyester fiberfill at a time. After filling the dolphin enough, I stitched the hole back up.

“Flipper” is good as new!

Dr. Mom, you’re my HERO!

10 Mar

I had a very Toy Story 2 moment in my household recently. You all remember the scene when young Andy is playing and Woody’s arm seam rips open. It’s a tale all too familiar with our children’s beloved toys.

My daughter has a hand-me-down dinosaur that was my husbands’ when he was her age. She came to me with the stuffed toy and pointed out that he was “broken”. Well, his combination sand/stuffing insides were starting to come through the very worn outside. I told her that I would make him better and fix his boo-boo.

I went to my fabric scraps and found some cute dinosaur fabric. I cut a band-aid shape big enough to cover the spot and hand stitched the poor, worn out toy. My daughter was very appreciative and kisses her dinosaurs ouchie…there, all better! Dr. Mom saves the day!

Have you had to perform small miracles on your kids’ toys lately?

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