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Looks Like Gold To Me

16 Mar


In my last act as class leprechaun I made celebratory treats for my son’s class. Always one to use whatever is on hand, I had a not-quite-full box of yellow cake mix (used for flavoring in the cake batter bark here).  I added 2 eggs and a half cup of vegetable oil and BAM!  Cookie dough.  I dyed the dough green (obvious choice) and rolled them around in a dish of gold and rainbow-colored sanding sugar.  They were baked for 7 mins at 350 degrees.

I love a little shimmer…

DSC_0431Doesn’t this look like I’ve gone all in during the most amazingly delicious game of poker?  Dessert poker anyone?!  I see your cookie and raise you a pie!

Easily distracted…sorry…anyhoo, once the cookies were cooled I cut the tops off Ziplock sandwich bags and individually packaged each cookie, tying the baggies off with handy-dandy Washi tape.





Paddy Cakes

11 Mar

paddy cakes


Around here we’re preparing for my son’s school’s largest fundraiser of the year–the St. Paddy’s Day Bash!  Last year it was great and most importantly it was successful in raising money to benefit our kids.

Leading up to last year’s event I made hats, cookies, a clever disguise, and the centerpieces for the event itself.

I’m getting into the mood again and made some four-leaf clover pancakes for breakfast this morning.  I made my favorite pancake batter and dyed it green.  I poured it into this squeeze bottle.  I’m sure that somewhere out there someone makes and sells an appropriately festive pancake shaper, but I haven’t had much success with them in the past.  The pancake always sticks and I end up frustrated and eating pancakes that look like a T-Rex had his way with them first.  I’m in love with the squeeze bottle now.  Lots of possibilities!

paddy cakes2

St. Paddy’s Success!

18 Mar

The Fundraiser was a success and so were all the centerpieces!  Here’s a few shots of them on the tables at the party.

I even wore my little green dressed up dollar store hat to the party.

A big Thank You to my dear friend Carrie who drove through rain and hail to help put together the centerpieces and then party the night away for a good cause!  Love you!

St. Paddy’s Hats

16 Mar

St. Patrick’s Day is upon us!  We will be spending the evening with more than 300 of our closest friends at a Fundraiser.

I’m not certain what I’m wearing yet, but I can say for certain that I am wearing green!

I purchased a set of 5 St. Paddy’s Day hats from the dollar store, as also seen here.   So I took a few of them and decided to dress them up.

I bought one feather bundle and a spool of glittery ribbon from Michaels and went to town with my glue gun.  The first hat sorta melted…

Whoopsie!  Forgot these puppies are plastic!  So for the next two I made sure that the glue was minimal and I tried to glue the feathers on top of each other rather than just piling glue and laying the feathers in it.

These are tiny little hats (and I’m known for having an oversized cranium) so I’ll wear mine more akin to a fascinator.

A big Thank You to my other  adorable neighbor for being my model this week as well!  Have a fun and safe St. Patrick’s Day!

Beauty-ful Tips

14 Mar

I know that WhoopieCookie is not typically a beauty blog, but we do love beautiful things.  I came across this image via Pinterest last week and decided to try my hand at it.  In keeping with this week’s green theme and in preparation for St. Patrick’s Day this weekend, I went with green glitter polish.

For the base color I used Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in Peachy Keen (140).  The green glitter polish is Spoiled by Wet n Wild in Show Me the Money (S041).

After applying a couple coats of the Peachy Keen and letting it dry, I applied a thin coat of the Show Me the Money only going about 3/4 of the way down the nail.  The next coat of the green I started about 1/2 way down the nail.  I did one last coat of green just on the tips.  The thicker application at the tips creates the ombréed look.  I love ombré.  Of course you want to top it all off with your favorite top coat.  My favorite is called Out the Door.  Its a fast drying top coat for those of us who are always running “out the door” after painting our nails.  I literally painted my nails and then drove to work with the air conditioner on full blast pointed at my steering wheel!  A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do!

Irish Petit Fours

13 Mar

Okay…I may have lied.  These aren’t exactly Irish or Petit Fours.  But they are awesome (and easy) fakes.

I used store bought, frozen pound cake.  I first sliced the top off to make it level and have clean edges.  Then I sliced the whole thing in half, horizontally.

Then I sliced it into 20 squares.

I then used white melting candy to cover each little cube. To get an even coat I placed each cube on a fork and spooned the candy over the top, by heaping spoonfuls.  I gently tapped the fork on the side of my bowl until all the excess had dripped off and the coat was thin and even.

After a quick trip to the freezer, while I got the green melting candies ready, I dipped a third of each cube into the green.

Guess what’s next?  Ya, then just dip the other side into the orange melting candy.

These little treats are super easy and a quick festive dessert for St. Patrick’s Day.

My Little Leprechaun

8 Mar

St. Paddy’s Day is coming!  What will you find at the end of the rainbow?

I found a sneaky little Leprechaun!

My six year old and I made this leprechaun beard with some dollar store streamers.

You can find a tutorial here.

Of course, Easter is also around the corner…So we took down a box of Peeps while we worked…

Be sure to check back next week for more St. Paddy’s Day tricks and treats!  Have a great weekend!

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