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Vintage Shopping

26 Jan

I am always on the look out for vintage clothing shops. There are a few around town, but I love finding new ones to check out as well. Recently, I found Retro Reload on Yelp. I was happy to find out that it is very local, near my childhood home! After reading the rave reviews, I had to see it for myself.

There is a great mix of vintage and consignment wear throughout the store. I had to hold myself back because there was so many awesome garments! This place also has an abundance of jewelry, scarves, shoes, hats and every other accessory under the sun. I also fell in love with a gorgeous walnut dresser that I wish I didn’t have to pass up on.

These are the things I couldn’t leave behind:

I first found this vintage red dress and snagged it from the rack.

I found this blue dress next, with a price tag of $7.00, I couldn’t pass it up!

I stumbled upon this cute top and couldn’t let it go! I love the color, but I’m not in love with the buttons. I think I may change them out at some point.

I can’t wait to go again to see what else I can find!

Christmas is Back!

7 Dec

No doubt we’ve all felt the pinch these last couple years. But things seem to looking up as more people are out spending this year.  Here are my picks for season’s great gift ideas:
Construction Plate & Utensils

What little boy wouldn’t want to eat with these utensils?  Dinner just got a lot more fun!

$14.95 – $17.49









Blocks For  a New Generation

Blocks are pretty basic, but these puppies take it to a whole new level.  The wide variety of angles and positions that these blocks can take on, will inspire any kid to be think beyond the old school cube that was once a “block.”









Paper Pot

These mod tissue holders add style beyond the boring flowery boxes.  Any stylista will appreciate this design and with pink, blue, orange, and green to choose from, you’ll find a color for any room!










Mustache Lowball Glass

These are great for that friend that loves to entertain.  Guests will definitely smile to see eachother with a ‘stache as they drink up their favorite cocktail!








Guy Wolff Windowsill French Herb Garden

This gift is great for both the gardener and the cook in your life!  Throw in a great recipe that calls for these herbs and maybe they’ll invite you over for dinner!









Cooking with Trader Joe’s

Throw in a $10.00 gift card to get your loved one started and they will be well on their way to easy, accessible recipes using ingredients found just down the road.








Feather Necklace

A statement piece that would look great with your favorite party dress as well as your favorite pair of jeans, the necklace is a steal!  You’ll want one for yourself too!









Happy Shopping!!!

it’s the small things that make you cool

5 Dec

We cousins thought we would take turns sharing gift ideas that inspire us this holiday season… most of these ideas can work all year long and not just for 20 days away!

For Anyone and Everyone:

While strolling Nordstrom I came across this:


Who doesn’t love Hello Kitty? And who doesn’t love Monopoly? Put each one two-gether and you get Limited Edition Hello Kitty Monopoly! Now the whole family can enjoy Hello’s London hometown with six collectible tokens and buying/selling/trading location such as the the Bakery, the Music Theatre, Hello Kitty’s house, and other Sanrio Surprises!

For the imaginative one:

You just might be known as the “cool aunt” when some lucky niece or nephew unwraps this shadow box! The Robot Moonscape Shadow Puppet set allows for some vintage entertainment sans the board game or the T.V. However, Paxton Gate offers a lot more than just imaginative play… check out their succulents and other  ideas for the natural scientist or gardener in your circle of peeps.


For those who stump you:

These are my go-to gifts for most any occasion and just about anyone. Well under $50 so you can stock up on initials, gourmet coffee or teas, and just get creative with Antro’s mugs and tea cups! Another great selling point and gift thought about these mugs/cups is that they are sustainable gifts…

6USD (each)

For anyone who shops or hits the farmer’s market:

Priscilla Woolworth’s site most likely has the best eco-friendly, cool, and sustainable products offered to the world! We should all have market bags to reduce plastic waste and what a better way to nudge our friends and family strangers with this:



This bag was designed by Ms. Woolworth because she wanted something she could fill up with just about anything wherever she was from books to food and other bits and pieces. Made in the USA and 100% cotton who wouldn’t want to be this eco-cool?

For the crafty one (who also likes to bake):

I saw this book at Stamp Your Heart Out in Claremont, CA. It is the perfect mix of paper craft inspiration and baking, cooking, or drinking! The ladies at the shop could not stop recommending this book along with any other book Paper Crafts released! You can purchase from Stamp Your Heart Out or find it on sites like Barnes & Noble or Amazon – support your local stores! Listed price is around $23.00 but I got mine for a little over $17.oo.



For the guys or the dog lover:

These French Bulldog bookends make any guy look instantly cooler and just a tad more sophisticated. Its vintage finish in substantial resin make the pair a sturdy end for any book collection. You can find them at the Art Effect.



For your BFF:

I have this thing for Russian matryoshkas… no idea but I just love them! (Maybe I create a special post dedicated to my nesting friends!). While you’re still at the Art Effect you might want to toss in your cart these sweet little matryoshska six-dry measuring cups. Then head over to World Market find a cool little basket, add some fun baking box, and you have a great and original gift!



Have fun shopping! Happy Holidays!


Shopping anyone?

30 Sep

What girl doesn’t love shopping? It’s one of my favorite pastimes, right alongside sleeping and my mommy “timeouts.” Well… lately I have found that with two kids, there isn’t much time for shopping. This is a good thing for my husband and our bank account, but a major upset for me! I have since found my favorite shopping buddy, shopstyle.com.

Shopstyle has a great app for iPhone, iTouch and iPad for an all in one shopping experience! The shopstyle website is fantastic too! All my favorite stores, designers and brands rolled into one. It was so annoying sitting online on multiple sites and composing “wish lists” on each one.

On the shopstyle app, I can search by category, designer, brand or store. I can flip through photos and save to my favorites (which will also link and save to your favorites on the website) or select “buy” and it will take me directly to the store’s website to make the purchase. Some of the stores, from the many available to shop, are Anthropologie, Coach, Forever 21 and Old Navy. Shopstyle not only has clothes, accessories and shoes.. they also have categories for home decor, kids and babies!

Most of the time I find myself using the shopstyle app, but the website has more to offer and it’s sure to be a bookmarked favorite. They have a section called “Celebrity Style” for looks inspired by a variety of celebrities. The “Style Notes” section is a daily blog of all things fashion and beauty related. Lastly, my personal favorite, “Community Looks.” A section/bulletin board that people post to and share inspirational photos and fashion looks that they created! You should check out!

I’m so excited for my find, I just had to share it! I can shop anytime and anywhere I want to! I think I will take my mommy timeout and do some shopping tonight… I think you should too!

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