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Birthday Boy

30 Apr


I have a long hallway.  And this is my hallway having a party…

Birthday Boy2

Its amazing what zooming in on some streamers and balloons will do for ya!  This backdrop was super easy and can easily be adjusted to any color scheme or occasion.  And unless you choose to, you know perhaps for blogging purposes, you never have to zoom out and no one ever has to know that this is really just your boring old hallway.  Fill that frame and all you see is a party!

birthday boy3

My baby boy turns 1 today.  *Tear* My baby turns 1 today!  I made him this smash cake to celebrate.  Chocolate cake with chocolate filling and vanilla buttercream frosting.  The cake is decorated by piping large dots and then smearing them to one side.  A little tedious but the effect is pretty great.   I don’t know if you can tell, but I think he liked it.  We literally couldn’t get him to crack a smile once the cake came out.  He was all business!

Sweet blessings.

28 Mar


330.  I woke up at 5 am and made 330 pastel, silver-dollar pancakes. It sounds worse than it was.  I cheated (as I often do) and bought the Bisquick that only requires you add water and comes in a handy-dandy easy to pour container.  I added water and a little food coloring to no less than 5 containers.

I stacked 5 pancakes for each of the 1st graders at my son’s school and impaled them with a bamboo fork that was decorated with a foam cross.  Check out another variation here.

A team of moms turned the lunch benches into a fabulous Easter party.


My favorite part was hearing the kids’ amazement that they were getting to have pancakes at snack today.  When they are used to the standard cupcakes and cookies, sometimes you need to take it back to breakfast and dress her up a little.

I’m grateful for all those shiny happy faces.

Looks Like Gold To Me

16 Mar


In my last act as class leprechaun I made celebratory treats for my son’s class. Always one to use whatever is on hand, I had a not-quite-full box of yellow cake mix (used for flavoring in the cake batter bark here).  I added 2 eggs and a half cup of vegetable oil and BAM!  Cookie dough.  I dyed the dough green (obvious choice) and rolled them around in a dish of gold and rainbow-colored sanding sugar.  They were baked for 7 mins at 350 degrees.

I love a little shimmer…

DSC_0431Doesn’t this look like I’ve gone all in during the most amazingly delicious game of poker?  Dessert poker anyone?!  I see your cookie and raise you a pie!

Easily distracted…sorry…anyhoo, once the cookies were cooled I cut the tops off Ziplock sandwich bags and individually packaged each cookie, tying the baggies off with handy-dandy Washi tape.




Birthday Bites

26 Feb


My baby is 7.  SEVEN!  Where has the time gone?  He is pretty special–and not just because he’s my first-born.  Although in all fairness I too am the first-born and I think we’re all pretty special.


He is funny, loving, incredibly empathetic, and a great big brother.  We’re lucky to be his parents.  Ugh…tears.

Okay, well the most important part of any birthday is the cake!  Since his birthday fell on a Saturday, I brought treats in to his class on Friday.  Life is more chaotic now so I wanted to make things on easy on myself. I went to Vons and purchased two boxes of Madeleine/Brownie Bites.  Whaaat?!  Yes.  They are half Madeleine and half Brownie, swirled together. Both light and rich and bite-sized, they are the little treat to hit the spot.

I added a personal touch by piping some white frosting on top, a dash of festive sprinkles, and a piece of Cake Batter Bark.  The kids thought they were amazing (one asked that I e-mail his mom the recipe–seriously).  Since I had extra, the teachers and office staff got to have some as well and they too thought they were just right and thanked me for bringing in kid-sized treats.

Riding the wave of Friday’s success, I planned Saturday’s birthday cake with the left over bark pieces in mind.  I made a basic chocolate layered cake with white frosting and added sprinkles and Cake Batter Bark as a decorative edging.


It was fun and cute…and most importantly, tasty!  Also, I love a good dual-purpose anything and the pieces of bark can kind of be used as spacers for slicing the cake.

This particular birthday carried over into Sunday as well when we celebrated with his schoolmates at a local Pump It Up.  I cut myself some slack though and ordered a cake for that celebration.

Now that I have a 7-year-old, I have come to the following conclusions:

  1. My days of cool are numbered;
  2. His increasing age doesn’t seem to make me feel older.  I don’t quite feel young.  But, I don’t quite feel old [or mature] enough to have a 7-year-old; and
  3. Thank God for cake.  No matter what is going on and how stressful life (or party planning) can be, sitting down and having a piece of birthday cake is such a relief.




3,2,1… Blast Off!!

2 Oct

We are a big fan of science and astronomy in our house. We geeked out a little and watched Curiosity coverage live on the NASA channel. We also got just as excited as the guys at JPL when it landed without a hitch. The kids are just as obsessed with planets and space shuttles as we are and Calvin wanted to have a Space Party! We launched Calvin into his 3rd year with style!

I made vanilla cupcakes topped with planets, space shuttles and sprinkles. Calvin helped decorate the cupcakes, he was also disappointed when he couldn’t eat one right away. In the end.. his patience was greatly rewarded.

For lunch… I enlisted help from the chef of the household, my husband, and he made the sauce and meatballs from scratch for “Meat-eorite” sandwich sliders! We also served salad on the side.

For party favors, i packed bags of glow in the dark planet decals, glow sticks, spinning tops and space stickers. As an extra treat, each kid got a 100 pc astronaut puzzle! We also had a blast making everyone an astronaut for a day with our “photo booth.”

No space party would be complete without a moon bounce! The kids enjoyed hours of defying gravity with some high jumps and flips.

Calvin had a blast at his party… the moment of the day came while Calvin was opening his gifts. Calvin got a $100 bill from his Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa… he was in awe to say the least!

Next stop… watching Endeavor being towed through the streets of Los Angeles! Did anyone catch the flyover?

Trix Are For Kids

12 Jul

…And for kids’ birthday parties!

I had the pleasure of assisting our dear Summer with setting up for her daughters’ birthday party.  With a vintage circus/carnival theme, naturally there were many polk a dots incorporated.  For some crazy reason, party supplies in her area were limited so we got creative.

We used the classic rice krispie recipe but swapped out Rice Krispies cereal for Trix.  They are colorful and fun and a little extra sweet.  My favorite part?  When you cut into them, they creat a really pretty pol a dot pattern from the side.

To package each to be placed in favor bags, I wrapped each with a small piece of plastic wrap (so it won’t stick to anything).  For decoration and to further our theme, I took a couple of extra favor bags and cut them into strips just long enough to fit around the Trix Treat.  Then I wrapped a piece of Japanese washi tape in a coordinating color around the center of that.  They were placed in a basket near the favor bags and each of the small guests got to pick one to add to their favor bag before leaving.  There were a few extra for us big kids too…

Short Stacks

14 Jun

Our baseball season ended over the weekend.  After our last game, our team had a potluck party at the field.  Unfortunately for all of us, our game was at 8am!  That meant that not only did we have to be up super early, we had to pull something together to bring to the field with us at 8am…and it had to be appropriate to eat at 10am.

I generally go straight for the sweets, but I’m weird when it comes to eating in the morning.  I just cannot skip breakfast foods.  My husband could easily eat a sandwich and a bag of chips at 9am, in fact I’ve seen him do it.  But I simply cannot eat a lunch food before I’ve had a breakfast food.  Breakfast for dinner, however, is one of my favs!

So, given the timing of our party, I had to bring a breakfast food.  What’s one of my favorite breakfast foods?!  Pancakes!


I got up a little early and whipped up your standard pancake batter.  I made about 80 silver dollar sized pancakes.  It sounds like a lot, but goes quick using a griddle.  I was able to get about 15 cooking at a time and they only take a few minutes.

Once cooked, I stacked them 4 high, topped each short stack with a quartered strawberry and skewered them with a bamboo appetizer fork.

I waited until we were about to dig in before drizzling syrup over them.

They were a big hit with both the kids and the parents.  I will definitely make these again.

They are a must have at your next brunch!  Look how pretty they are when they don’t have to travel to a dusty baseball field!

Ocean Adventure Day

1 Jun

My son’s Kindergarten class recently had an Ocean Adventure Day to celebrate all that they have been learning about sea creatures.  There were various opportunities for parents to participate, but given my post-op status, I opted for preparation of the day’s snacks (since it could be done at home).

My first thought of course went straight to sweets…cupcakes, cakepops and cookies–OH MY!

But, then the mom in me kicked in and I decided that a heartier–healthier–snack would be better, and appreciated by the other parents too.  So I scoured the interweb for ideas.  I found lots of images of blue jello cups with gummy fish swimming around, but that didn’t quite tickle my fancy.

So I had to look at food and snacks in a new way…Have you looked at a Babybel cheese round lately?  Well I did and I saw a crab!  The real challenge was creating the crab’s little claws.  The day just before our scheduled Ocean Adventure I still had no idea how I was going to make the Babybel cheese into a crab.  Until, that is, I saw this post from Oh Happy Day.   Grape Tomatoes!  Genius!

For each crab you’ll need 1 Babybel cheese round (red), 1 toothpick, and 1 grape tomato.  I sliced each grape tomato in half, long ways, and scraped the guts out, similar to how they made the boats on Oh Happy Day.  Then I notched a triangle shape out of one end of each half to make the claw.  I broke a toothpick in half and shoved the broken end into the cheese on each side of the body.  Place a claw on the pointed end of each toothpick.  For the eyes, I used a paring knife to cut two small semi-circles into the wax, then lifted each one up to a standing position.

I laid each crab on a bed of goldfish crackers inside a plastic cup, wrapped in a treat bag and tied off with some baker’s twine.

With each snack, I provided small water bottles for each student, decorated with a small plastic sea creature tied off with more baker’s twine.

I didn’t get to attend Ocean Adventure Day myself, but I’m told the kids loved the snacks.  These would be great for an ocean themed party as well, or maybe just a few at a time as an after school snack.

Easter Tablescape

6 Apr

We’ve had babies on the brain around here lately.  But in preparation for this weekend’s festivities, I put together a super easy (and cheap!) Easter tablescape.

I had the table from this party and used a tablecloth from this party.  Most everything else I found around the house or purchased from the dollar store (my new favorite craft supply store).


Here’s my shopping list from the dollar store:

Two small yellow buckets for ranunculus  
Peeps (the chick variety)
Four orange chargers


Here’s what I had lying around the house:

Four white plates
Two yellow birdcages (purchased long ago from Michael’s for only a dollar for no reason except that they are cute!) 
Four white cloth napkins
Orange streamers (from this project)
Green plastic bag (green paper would work too)
Coordinating ribbon
Plastic forks and knives
Floor cushions
Clear glass vase
Oranges for slicing
Two cute kids


Other odds and ends:

Paint chips from Home Depot
Flowers from Trader Joe’s 


I cut the flowers and sliced the oranges (used about 3) and put together the three flower arrangements.  I had planned on using lemons so that the yellow matched the peeps, but they went bad before I got to them…bummer.

The name cards are made of paint chips from Home Depot.  I simply folded them in half and hand wrote the names with a black marker.  I also used coordinating paint chips to cut circles for the peeps to sit on.

I folded the napkins into little bunnies using this easy tutorial found on Good Housekeeping’s website and wrapped the plasticware with orange streamers, tying them off with coordinating ribbon.  The greenery at the top of each carrot is just a plastic bag I cut up.

This look is easily thrown together and holiday appropriate with stuff you probably already have.  The few things I had to pick up were very inexpensive, so don’t be afraid to try your hand at a tablescape that even Martha would be proud of!

The Sandwich Spread

4 Apr

We think sweets first here at Whoopie Cookie, so this is Part 2 of our baby shower spread. Yvette’s mama, aka my Nina, bought Yvette’s hometown favorite- Guiliano’s sandwiches! Guiliano’s is the South Bay’s favorite Italian deli! The bread is baked fresh and the sandwiches are spectacular! Yvette’s favorite is thier Torpedo!

For those who like turkey, tuna, ham or roast beef- a tray of assorted sandwiches. The various combinations of meat, cheese and rolls kept everyone guessing what they wanted to try first!

Fresh fruit is always welcome! We snacked on pineapple, melon, strawberries and grapes. The fruit was also served up with raspberry yogurt!

A special Thank you to Jeanette for the delicious food! We love you!!!

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