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Embroidered Necklace

23 Nov


You probably have everything you need for this DIY lying around the house. I’ve been laid up trying to recover from a cold-turned-sinus infection. I was able to easily complete this while “resting” in bed.




Imagine all the potential combos!

Mama Bird

31 May

I remember as a kid noticing that the moms in my life had rings with various precious stones in them, representing the birthstones of each of their children.  Some of those pieces are not really my style, but I adore the idea.  I love wearing jewelry that represents my little guys.

I came across this tutorial via Pinterest and fell in love.

I immediately ran out and purchased beads and wire, a rare outing as I recoup from my C-Section.  Luckily for me, making these pendants is low impact and can be done while “resting” in bed.


These are so simple and sweet that once you start you won’t be able to stop until you’ve made one for each Mama in your life!  Too bad I didn’t get on the ball before Mother’s Day!

Ties just for guys?

16 Jul

The second item I plan to have in tow to San Francisco is my new Ruffled Tie Necklace! I saw this idea in my SewStylish magazine, Spring 2011. The idea behind this creative and stylish necklace is Autumn Davidson who blogs about her creations and sells on Etsy! Necklaces aren’t the only things she creates… I love her bridal bouquets!

The Supplies

I started with a men’s tie, a Goodwill find for only $1.99, and pulled other fabric scraps I had in a bin. I bought a chain and closure at WalMart and used beads and buttons that I had on hand. You can buy beads from Joann’s, Walmart, Michael’s… anywhere really. I happen to have a son who LOVES to pull on my necklaces and break them. I don’t get mad… it gives me a chance to re-purpose the beads and such for a new creation, like this one!

It was a fun project and I am in the process of making one more. Thanks to Autumn Davidson for her awesome necklace idea!

Breakfast @ Tiffany’s

27 Sep

Who doesn’t love this movie?! I’ve watched it about 3 times this month since downloading it onto my iPad. Okay, so it has been a little slow at work and Audrey makes my day a little more bearable. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is a classic and just about everyone I know loves this movie! It has and continues to inspire fashions, jewelry and interiors… this movie never goes out of style!

I’m not quite sure how much of a DIY project this would be.. but someone was ambitious enough to tackle it. I found this cast iron, claw foot tub on Etsy! The painting of the tub has to be the easy part, cutting a cast iron tub in half… not so much.

You know what would be easy enough to pull off? With Halloween just around the corner and party invites stuffing your mailbox, consider dressing up as Holly Golightly! There is a little black dress tucked away in the back of every closet. Put it on, up-do your hair, add some pearls and voile! Use your imagination. You can add so many different types of accessories, like earrings, rings and jewels for your hair. I found this cute pearl necklace inspired by the movie… you can even wear it when you aren’t dressing for Halloween!

Once the party is over, slip into your pajamas and wear this mask over your eyes… Sweet Dreams!

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