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Home Depot Chic

25 May

I realize this is a little late, but hey, I just had a baby!

For Mother’s Day this year, I gave my Grandmother a pretty rock ‘n’ roll bracelet.  You see she and my grandfather frequent Home Depot.  They have never met a project they weren’t willing to tackle.

So, when faced with a gift idea for Grandma, I went to her old stomping grounds for inspiration.

Using small door hinges and jump rings, I made her a super easy bracelet.

The best part?  When she opened it, she genuinely marveled at its simplicity and said she couldn’t wait to wear it on her next trip to Home Depot.  I am certain she’ll rock it while picking out new paint or flooring options!

A laid back Mother’s Day

15 May


This Mother’s Day, I spent the day at home with my family. The in-laws came over and my husband made my favorite eggs, eggs benedict. A Mother’s Day breakfast wouldn’t be complete with scones and coffee! The night before I made blueberry- orange scones from scratch!


While the day was very chill, I had fun spending the day with my little ones. It’s so nice when they get along! It was a great day! How did you spend Mother’s Day?

Take some time to say…

13 May


Tea for Two?

9 May

I know the Royal Wedding has ended… Mother’s Day is over too.. but it is still Spring and the flowers are in bloom! It’s the perfect time for an English Garden Tea. As an annual tradition, we will be attending the Garden Tea at the Heritage House in Riverside, Ca on Sunday.

We are celebrating our anticipation with tea time posts this week! What would Tea Time be without scones!

I have a slight obsession with these tastey pastries! I made my scones with dried cranberries (un-sweetened) and orange zest! What are your favorite types of scones?


8 May

mother’s day is less than a week away. what better way then to celebrate by painting a bird house with your kids… or not! every year for the past too many years we, as a big mexican family of girls, drag our husbands to the renaissance faire in the name of mother’s day (and we throw in may birthday celebrations as well), we have tea (adults only) at the heritage tea house in riverside, and we also use the entire month as an excuse to get pampered with visits to the salon and massages. After all, WE deserve it.

how will you be celebrating mother’s day this year?

Inside the Box

3 May

Moms Day is approaching.

We all know that moms love the shiny stuff, but after years of giving your mama some much deserved jewelry, consider a box.   More specifically, consider a jewelry box!

I found that most of the beautiful (and modern….don’t want to age our mothers do we?) jewelry boxes are a little steep.  The less expensive boxes look, well, cheap.  So I whipped up a small jewelry box for about $15 and I couldn’t be happier with it.

First I had to procure the perfect box.  Clean and modern was what I was searching for.  My local Home Goods store had a ton of boxes.

*Note: Be careful of those boxes.  Always open them!  The are often times a box within a box within a box.  You could accidentally end up at the counter with not one box but three!

So how do you turn an empty box into one that is full?

I went to my trusty Michael’s  and purchased some craft plywood (found near the other raw wood items) for a few dollars.  I simply measured and cut the wood to make dividers.  You can make as many or as little spaces that you like depending on the jewelry collection you’ll be housing.

Of course the raw wood was not a good look.  So I cut a piece of fabric that I had on hand and loosely draped it inside the box, pressing it into the individual spaces.  Leaving about an inch all the way around, I trimmed any excess.  Then, starting with the back side, I flipped the fabric up and began stapling the under side to the inside of the box.  I continued around the inside of the box in this way until I got to the fourth side (you’ll want to leave the front of the box for last).  That side will have to be stapled on the outside of the fabric, but it is okay because you won’t really see it unless you stick your head entirely inside the box.

And that’s it.

Love the box and now it  works for mom.

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