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Halloween Time

25 Oct

Who’s been to the pumpkin patch? We gathered up the kids and went to Pa’s Pumpkin Patch in Long Beach. The kids had such a great time! They went on lots of rides and left with a small pumpkin each.

We are quickly approaching the last weekend before Halloween! Have you gotten your pumpkin yet? Any fun Halloween traditions you’d like to share?

Cuddly Zombies

17 Dec

Vampires and Zombies seem to be all the rage right now. Just before Halloween I was looking for a fun crafting project to do with my 4 year old. At my local Barnes and Noble I found the cutest little book, Zombie Felties. It provides detailed instructions for making cute and creepy little zombies out of felt and various beads.

All of the sewing was by hand so this craft is not ideal for young kids, but it was nice to have a helper there to hand me things as I needed them.

My little one loves his little zombie. Now we just have to make some more so that he has some friends. Maybe we can fit that in between now and next Halloween!

Happy Halloween!

31 Oct

I did it! Finished just in time! I even had to make a run to Micheal’s for some tulle.

I completed the hood and attached the last foot this morning. It came together very well and it was well worth it. I can say that it was no easy task to complete and there were bumps in the road. The costume is a little large.. but she loves it so much that she’ll be able to grow into it and wear it over and over.

While I didn’t make my son’s costume, he still looks very adorable in his store bought Frankenstein costume!

Everyone have a safe and fun Halloween!

Rainy Day Fun…

28 Oct

Recently, we’ve had lots of rain and while it is much needed, it’s no fun for the kids. So over the rainy weekend I decided to give my daughter some thing fun to do indoors. I bought the Halloween Pillsbury sugar cookies with the pumpkins on them. She put the cookies on the sheet pan and watched them brown in the oven. While they were baking, we made frosting from scratch. We added some food coloring to make it a festive orange. We spread it on the cookies and made them into sandwiches. I had my daughter roll the frosting edges over some sprinkles. It was semi-homemade and fun for her to do.

The other great thing about this activity… the oven warms the house and the cookies smell sooooo gooood!

What are your favorite rainy day activities?

My dino-dilemma

26 Oct

It was a Sunday morning, while reading the paper, that my daughter told me she wanted to be a dinosaur. All the dinosaur costumes looked so boyish. I decided to make her one that was more girly. Zoey picked out the fabric colors herself and I found a great mesh glitter fabric to match! I am almost done with only the hood, one foot and the gloves to finish. I was on a roll tonight and was sorely disappointed when I broke my needle mid-dino foot! Ugh! Well…this is where I’m at right now.. I’ll post the finished look, fingers crossed, by Sunday. Wish me luck!

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