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Watching the garden grow…

4 Jun


My garden update!! Remember when we started composting? Remember when we got this garden going? If not, it’s okay! You can see the progress we’ve made here.


We have Mr Stripey heirloom tomatoes and raspberries in our barrels. The raspberries have been growing for a year. Next year we should finally have fruit! It’s a long process, but worth the wait!


So far, our garden is looking pretty good. We have baby carrots, sweet Italian squash, cucumbers, Brussels sprouts, jalapenos, peppers, cantaloupe and more. Most have started flowering and we have been eating our squash. I’m most excited for the Brussels sprouts, they look so cool growing on the stalk!

Shop Local: Nurseries

4 Apr


Last Friday we stopped by the nursery in town to pick up a few plants for the “sand box” we call a yard. I don’t know much about desert plants, but I do know that the plants I have in my yard wouldn’t survive out here. When you don’t know what to do, ask the experts!


The local nursery is awesome! These people really know what they are talking about. I’ve shopped MANY times at the big box stores and you’re lucky if you get help from someone who really knows what they are talking about. Let’s be honest, you’ll be lucky if you find someone to talk to at all! Anyways, local nurseries know about the types of plants that grow well in your area. They will also know what types of soil you have and they really feel your pain when you tell them you have issues with soil drainage.


I also found that local nurseries have a large selection and the plants seem to be treated with TLC.


During this specific trip, we were in search of a purple flowering plant that we already have growing out here. I’m no plant expert, so purple flowering plant was the only description we had, and a photo I took on the iPad. We described the plant and showed the photo, the nursery owner knew exactly which plant it was and informed us that they won’t get those in until the summer. I guess we’ll be going back again soon!


I love that the nursery clearly labels the plants. I always found it important to read the labels on plants so I know what to expect and what the plant needs. Sometimes, I feel like the label is so generic that it can be on any plant in the store. At this nursery, they give so much information! It is so helpful!


The kids enjoy exploring the nursery and smelling the flowers. We had a very productive day at the nursery!

Home Grown

25 Mar

Two Weeks Ago…

So two weeks ago we decided to plant our own vegetables. Last Spring/Summer we dabbled a little with tomatoes and we planted a raspberry bush. Growing your own tomatoes is so rewarding! you can’t get tomatoes that great at the local grocer and you pay a small fortune at the farmers markets. There was no question that we would be planting more tomatoes when it warmed up! As for the raspberry bush’s progress…they are a labor of love since it takes like two years before it actually gives fruit. It better be worth it!


Two Weeks Ago…

This past winter we grew beets. It was more “just for fun” than serious because we grew them from seeds. We planted these thinking they wouldn’t actually grow, but they did! They didn’t grow as large as we would have liked, we may have pulled them too early. Our small, home-grown beets made a great borscht! We still have a few more that we are just about to pull…I’ll be sure to post an update. We let this round “bake” in the ground for a lot longer, fingers crossed!


Two Days Ago…

Our newest crop will hopefully include, cucumbers, cantaloupe, watermelons, baby carrots, squash, Mr. Stripey heirloom tomatoes and Brussels sprouts. We bought the sprouts and tomatoes as a small started plant, the others are from seeds. So far, we have cucumber sprouts, carrot sprouts, cantaloupe sprouts and squash sprouts. Those little sprouts are just peeking though and I’m looking forward to seeing the progress.


Two Days Ago…

Our tomato plant and Brussels sprouts have doubled in size already! I’m so happy!


I spy a tomato flower hiding behind the beet greens

Since we are getting so serious about our home garden, we had no choice but to compost. Our other gardening friends say it’s the best way to get awesome fruits and veggies. We have been going back and forth on the composting for the past two years. Since we have dogs, we knew whatever we did, it needed to be closed. We set out to get this little jem from the local garden center, it’s big enough to compost in and small enough to hide near our garden shed.


Our composter

At composting tips? Who else home grows veggies?

Flower Power

22 Mar


I am thrilled that its warm enough outside for me to enjoy our flowers again! I love that we have such a wide variety of flowering plants! I’m so grateful that they are still around and I haven’t killed them yet. Maybe I have a greenish thumb after all! Enjoy the flowers!


Here are some more…


This little gem show up every year now, we figured them for dead two Springs ago.


These remind me of Dr. Seuss’ truffula trees.


I never thought these would stick around…they were so weak looking after we planted them. Now, they are 5 times the size and growing strong!


My favorite color! I honestly don’t even remember buying and planting these! We have gone though quite a few flowers before finding out what will grow in our clay-like soil.


How fun are these “Joey Paws”?


These yellow buds are from one of our drought tolerant plants…we have more than a few of these because I don’t always remember to water.

Welcome Spring

21 Mar


This photo was a “before” from last year…

Happy Spring everyone! I’m mostly looking forward to my trees not being naked anymore! I miss the green leaves and colorful flowers! I’ve been doing some more gardening in preparation for Spring, so far we are looking great!

This is the “after” of our yard project…

We’ve been getting into gardening a little over the last year, I am proud to announce that not ALL the plants have been replaced! If you want to refresh your memory, this is the backyard planter here, and this is our front yard planter here. Some, you know, aren’t supposed to last forever, others we had a change of heart and sent them packing. Can you believe that they are coming back from the great beyond? We got rid of our unruly poppy plant midway through last year and it is back with a vengeance! I have poppy plants in four different spots now!

This is the “now” photo of what the yard almost a year later…we’ve come a LONG way!

April Showers bring May Flowers

9 May


When the rain finally cleared out of here, we completed our landscaping project. We started out at Home Depot early. We left with two large carts full of plants and supplies. We got many comments from others on the size of our project which gave us some doubt if we would be able to finish in a day.


We weeded, then planted many different flowering bushes, including jasmines! I love the smell of jasmine!


Anyone else have spring gardening plans?

Spring Showers

26 Apr

While Spring is finally here, the rainy weather would tell you otherwise. I have some words for mother nature and they aren’t pretty.

The husband and I finally have a weekend to complete our front yard project and I don’t want to call a rain delay! Our front yard planter needs some TLC and major weed overhaul. We have neglected this area because we never could agree on what we’d like to plant. I really want lots of ground cover and some taller, flowering plants as well. I’d like a seat or bench, but that will be decided later. I do know this, no more garden gnomes! I am only allowed to have one and he’s in the back yard, maybe there is a clause for the front yard? I will have to see what I can seek in.

If we can all wish the rain away, that would be spectacular! I guess I am just so excited to share some before and after photos with you!

L.A. Is So Unique 2011

9 Aug

We three carpooled on over to Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar to check out Sonia Rasula’s Unique LA’s First Annual Summer Show last weekend (30 July). We all pre-ordered our tickets via Eventbrite so check-in was easy but a little sad. We were not as early as we should have been so we missed out on the cool canvas tote. Oh well. Once checked-in we were set out on a mission: a bracelet I had to have, Yvette’s inspiration sensory was on overload, and always the cool cucumber, Caas just took it all in one stride at a time.

There was quite a few foodie trucks outside along with complimentary Diet Coke, samplings of that gecko drink that escapes my mind, and sponsored wine (Naked Grapes) and beer (eh, I forgot because we didn’t drink it, sorry!).

Yes, I was smelling the flask. It was clean.

I will admit that I was a tiny, tiny bit disappointed with this show in particular. I just felt (in my own opinion) there were a lot of jewelry vendors and a lot of it was the same after awhile.

Bites That Stood Out

We did eat some delish bacon crack and couch mix (basically the best trail mix we’ve ever had b/c it had bacon in it) by Cast Iron Gourmet. They also make this Spicy Pimento Cheese spread…um, Christmas gift basket ideas anyone?!

Oh! I used a piece of the Office Floozy (a giant rose-shaped liquor chocolate cake by Immaculate Confections) to coat my tooth for this Oh Snap! Unique Photo (remember last year’s? Yvette has a thing with hats! Poor Caas… that’s how most people feel with my driving.)

I bought this AMAZING Black Truffle Salt and Australian Murray River salt from this new company called HEPP’s Salt Barrel. The Black Truffle Salt reminded me of salt we had at this great restaurant in Seoul. The server gave me a bag of it and we finally used it all up, like LAST year… so our steaks haven’t been the same BUT now there’s hope! And I can leave my Seoul trippin’ neighbor alone for awhile (he has business trips that take him there every few months).

For the Pens (if you still know what those are)

Who said stationary’s dead? Not I! I heart Jeanette of Sweet Perversion so hard! LA Weekly called her “quaintly crass” and I love that too. She just totally helps you say what your heart’s brain is really ticking… I mean thinking or feeling. I wonder if Target will ever sell sweet perversions?

That's Jeanette. Isn't she cute? She's one "crafty a$$ b..." wink wink

I PROMISE… Pinky Swear…

When I purchased my sling shot and seed bombs for guerilla gardening practices I had to promise the guy (his name is Daniel and he’s the co-founder of Common Studio) that I wouldn’t take aim at Yvette or any other persons in my earth beautification process. He said their good for shooting the seed bombs into ugly fields, not at people… I was thinking of the homeless people and wanted to shoot some in their general direction. Not to hurt them but when they woke up they would have either a nice garden of arugula or beautiful flowers for their butterfly friends. Geesh! Do I look like the type of person that would take aim with a loaded sling shot? (Don’t answer that Yvette) My photo wasn’t that great so I borrowed this one from LA Weekly:

Photo By: Paul T. Bradley for LA Weekly

I really want to grow my own arugula (in Europe it’s called Rocket Salad) and I really wanted that sling shot so, naturally, I bought the sling shot and a ten pack of organic arugula seed balls. What? It’s a good sling shot!


OK, let’s wrap this up. We had a great time. I found my Sol Del Sur bracelet but had it custom made because I wanted it thinner. Should arrive in the mail any day now. I saw another bracelet I really liked that inspired me to crack the code but that’s for me to know and you to find out. Speaking of code… when you ask my 2-year old what a horsie says, he responds with, “YEEHAW!” Coincidentally, COATT makes the sweetest morse coded necklaces on a simple color thread and they had one that said ‘YEEHAW’! I am now a proud owner of that 18 in necklace.

New but old make-up alert!!! All three of us bought mascara and balm from the 1930’s Besame Cosmetics line. The mascara will most likely be the only mascara you will ever want to wear! Creamy and doesn’t clump… it smells very nice too! You can reapply to your lashes content! The balm is so beautiful. It makes you wonder where it all went wrong in the world. All natural ingredients. The packaging is truly lovely and makes you feel so rich (and thrifty at the same time- just like the old days or just like today!)

There’s a ton I would like to talk about (like the bamboo sunglasses we missed out on) but I’ll save it all for another blog. Unless you were there and you want to share your favs?!

Green Thumb or Dumb Luck?

26 Apr

UPDATE: My little flower box is still alive! You may remember when I first wrote about it…well I have managed to not kill the plants! I thought for sure that the only flowers left would be the fake decorative ones. Seeing how I managed to keep these plants alive, we decided to tackle another planter in our yard. I am no plant whisperer, I have no gardening secrets…just water, Miracle Grow, fingers crossed. Any gardening tips will be greatly appreciated! Please share!

Flower Power

12 Feb

I have had an empty flower bed since we moved into our house two summers ago. It never really bothered me before, I never knew what to put in it. It’s a partial sun location and I couldn’t find any plants that I liked that much to put there. Also, I’m lazy. I said it! Yard work is LAME! 

It became apparent that something had to be planted there. My 17 month old son LOVES dirt! He’s such a boy! This flower bed became his favorite play spot. After chasing him away, numerous times, it was decided something had to be done.

Last Saturday, I planted new flowers in the flower bed as little boy repellant. So far, it’s successful! No more dirt throwing/eating! Now the ultimate test.. can I keep the flowers alive? That is to be determined…

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