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Semi-homemade Lemonade cookies

15 Mar


So last time we tried the orange cookies here, and this time we tried the pink lemonade that Zoey picked out. I love lemon cookies, I ate 3 boxes of the lemon wedge Girl Scout cookies this year! The Pillsbury cookie mix is a little too sweet for me, but the kids LOVE them! I think Yvette’s version of lemonade cookies are more my style!


The cookies come out more pink than the picture on the box, which is totally okay! These would be great for Easter, girly birthday party, tea party or a fun springtime treat! We decorated ours with melting candy in a piping bag and added colored sprinkles before the candy dried.


Do you love lemon cookies as much as I do?

Lucky Leprechaun

12 Mar


The kids have half days for conferences which means I need to get them to do something other than drive me nuts. While at our local Walmart, Calvin picked out orange cookie mix that ha wanted to make. I have never heard of orange flavored cookies, why not give it a try.


The nice thing about this mix, you only add two ingredients and mix it up. The kids enjoyed rolling the cookies into balls and watched them bake.


Once cooled, the kids decorated them with green and white frosting and a mix of green sprinkles. We bagged up the cookies and added the cute tags which are printable a from Studio DIY!


These kid friendly treats are leprechaun approved!

Cake of the Month- Almond Caramel Torte

8 Jun

For Yvette’s birthday, I asked her what she wanted… she replied “Cake”. If you remember, Cake was also the theme of Yvette’s birthday party, “Let them eat cake!” So my present to her… Cake of the Month!

A gift was born! I love to bake, this gives me a great excuse to try new recipes and cake making techniques.

For the first cake in the 12 month installment, I made an Almond Caramel Torte. It was completely from scratch. I made the “cake” part first. It required lots of eggs (separated and whipped), graham crackers (crumbled fine), almonds (also crumbled fine), baking powder, vanilla.. and probably a few more ingredients I can’t remember without the recipe. While baking I made a simple caramel sauce for drizzle and for the filling. The inside filling was a stick of cream cheese whipped with a 1/2 cup of caramel sauce, something I’d like to incorporate in other recipes because it was delicious. Lastly, I made a light, sweet whipped cream frosting for the outside and drizzled with the caramel sauce.

It was fun trying a new recipe. I was a little nervous because I’m the type to only cook recipes that I can see a picture of. Are you like that? or is it just me?

Any suggestions for next month’s cake?

Rainy Day Fun…

28 Oct

Recently, we’ve had lots of rain and while it is much needed, it’s no fun for the kids. So over the rainy weekend I decided to give my daughter some thing fun to do indoors. I bought the Halloween Pillsbury sugar cookies with the pumpkins on them. She put the cookies on the sheet pan and watched them brown in the oven. While they were baking, we made frosting from scratch. We added some food coloring to make it a festive orange. We spread it on the cookies and made them into sandwiches. I had my daughter roll the frosting edges over some sprinkles. It was semi-homemade and fun for her to do.

The other great thing about this activity… the oven warms the house and the cookies smell sooooo gooood!

What are your favorite rainy day activities?

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