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Who’s Juicing?

11 Jun


I am constantly trying to get my kids to eat their vegetables! While I can occasionally get the kids to eat broccoli and carrots, they won’t touch any green veggies with a 10′ pole. What’s a mom to do? Hide ’em! I’ve tried “hiding” the veggies many times unsuccessfully, until now!


The kids slurped up ever last drop of this blended drink!

3-4 ice cubes
Handful of spinach (stems and all)
Handful blueberries
5 strawberries
1 cut up apple or pear
1 cut up banana
Splash of water

Blend until smooth… (Add a little more water if it’s too thick)


Even though this drink is an ugly green color, the kids didn’t hesitate to try it. I couldn’t believe they drank all of it! I’ll tell you that you mostly taste banana, for those of you grossed out by spinach. I actually like this and drink one each morning. I’m not brave enough to try kale yet..that is for another post.

It’s Real Simple.

29 Aug

This is a quick post because I was so proud of my ingenuity! I would really love to have a wooden salad bowl that is large enough to fit a field of veggies (or fruits) but I don’t. Here’s a quick pic of what I came up with for a last minute gathering of friends and family for dinner:

Nothing unusual, right? That big round thing is a chip and dip set from Crate & Barrel (here’s one similar). I just tossed the arugula (aka rocket salad in Europe) in the larger (chip) section and poured some yummy champagne pear¬†vinaigrette in the smaller (dip) section. Tomatoes and hot house English cucumbers on the side along with an olive medley. ¬†Real simple, huh?

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