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Curtain Call

2 Apr


So here are the curtains I made this weekend for the bathroom! Since they are more of a solid color, I added an embroidery detail near the hem. When the sunlight comes through the window you can really see it!


I am really happy with how they came out. I made two curtains for this bathroom and used less than two yards of fabric. This pair of curtains cost less than $10 and they match the bathroom tile perfectly.

Fabric Note Cards

3 Jul

Yvette sent me this image of a thank you note that she received. It’s a note card on one side and fabric on the other! Yvette said to do it… so I did…

I pulled out the endless amounts of fabric scraps, note cards, 3M spray mount, colored thread, scissors and my bone folder. The first step is to iron the fabric flat!

Spray one side of note card with 3M Spray mount and press smooth with bone folder or ruler. Trim fabric to size of the note card.

This is the fun part… choose your thread. I chose to use a different thread color for the bobbin so that once side will be one color and the back side would be different. Next, choose your stitch! My machine has several options so I changed it up a bit on some.

This is the front….

This is the back…

These are some other examples with different stitches used. I think they came out cute! I was als thinking that this could be a great way to catalog my fabric so I know what I have and I can write on the back how much I have of it. When you go shopping for projects you can know what you have at home and also match it with other fabric you buy too! For now,  I can get to writing some thank you notes to some very special people!


11 Oct

Gone are the days of pulling out the silver to serve our guests.  Well, at least for most of us!  But sometimes we do need a tray to place drinks or bites.  Silver wouldn’t really go with my decor anyways.

With a baking sheet, a bit of your favorite coordinating fabric, a piece of plexi, and some spray adhesive you can have a stylish tray for service.

I purchased baking sheets especially for this project.  I found this set of 3 for only $9.99.  I bought some fabric from IKEA and spray adhesive from my local craft store.

All you have to do is spray the adhesive according to the package directions and then place the fabric on your cookie sheet smoothing it out as you go.  I used my Martha Stewart Bone Folder to smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles.  The backside gets a little tricky.  Think of it like wrapping a present.  But lets be honest, no one will see the back side anyways!

Once its dry you can have a piece of plexi cut at your local Home Depot and drop it to protect the fabric.  And bonus!  If you buy the set of three you easily have two gifts ready to go!

Krafty Kids

2 Jun

If you remember, a while back I cut out many patterns so that they were ready to go when I had time. Could you believe that I finally was able to complete one tonight?

I bought a great book called One Yard Wonders. This book as so many great ideas and patterns..all made from one yard of fabric! An amazing idea! The projects range from clothes, crafts, gift ideas, practical household items and more! The project I made was a children’s craft apron.

The material I had one hand, quilting quarters. One of the fabrics was a little thin, so I changed up the instructions and cut two apron fronts, apron backs and pocket pieces. Basically, I lined the thinner fabric so it is finished nicely front and back. I know I broke the rules by using more than a yard of fabric. While technically this is true, I still saved money! The quilting quarters were purchased on sale and I had the ribbon which was given to me. This little project cost me less than $3!

I love that the project was so easy and I love that it turns into a tote bag when not in use! I think it makes a great homemade gift for little youngsters who like to craft or cook!

Floral Fashions

24 Apr

This week, my mother-in-law gave me some old fabric she had in the back of her closet. In the bag was this pretty floral fabric that is fitting for Spring. I decided to make a light weight tank with it. I pulled out this pretty lace tank as a guide for size and fit. I cut around, sewed the seams and finished! It was a pretty simple design and didn’t take long to whip up. I can’t wait to wear it! Hoppy Spring Everyone!

Just a little planning…

13 Feb

I sat down the other night and went through the bin full of fabric. I don’t know why, I was in a planning kind of mood… I kind of did an inventory and chose my next projects. On Friday night, I sat down and cut my patterns. I like to cut a couple projects at one time so that when I am ready, I can just sew it all together.

I have decided to make wine bottle gift bags, quilted lunch bags, oven mits and a kid’s craft apron. The projects are very crafty.. for a reason though. I was given a TON of quilter’s fabric from my grandmother recently. I’m not a quilter, but I didn’t want the fabric to go to waste. These projects are small in size, so fabric quarters will work great. Also, if I’m short on one fabric, I have a coordinating color that won’t look out of place as trim or a pocket.

To be continued….

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