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An epic snowball fight…

27 Nov

One morning the kids woke up to see the aftermath of a “snowball” fight! Some of Cheese’s friends came out and a battle begun. Marshmallows everywhere… well, we suspect some evidence was eaten by a certain furry friend.

The Battleground

Team Cheese

Team Skippy

Man down!

A very Cheese-y surprise!

26 Nov

A Birthday Surprise

Cheese had a surprise for Zoey’s birthday last year! He baked cupcakes and decorated a special treat all on his own! If you have a December birthday in your family, maybe your elf could celebrate in their own special way! I wonder what Cheese will come up with this year?

North Pole Cupcakes

At school, we shared Zoey’s birthday with the class and all the kids made their own North Pole inspired cupcake! We supplied the kids with coconut, sprinkles, frosting, a candy cane and a gingerbread man cookie.

Now the kids get a turn!

Spread Christmas Cheer!!

More Cheese Please!

21 Nov

Yesterday I posted photos of our family elf, Cheese. Here are some other shenanigans he was up to last year!

Quite the equestrian- whoopiecookie

Gone fishin’- whoopiecookie

Finishing touches- whoopiecookie

Play fights – whoopiecookie

Dinosaur hunter – whoopiecookie

Hitchin’ a ride – whoopiecookie

Bicycle built for… – whoopiecookie

Meet Cheese!!

20 Nov

Cheese is the name of our little family elf. We are so excited in welcoming him back. Here are some special Cheese sightings from last year…

Soaking up some rays- whoopiecookie

Self Portrait- whoopiecookie

Being charming- whoopicookie

I see you- whoopiecookie

Cheese & Cookies – whoopiecookie

Cheese loves all creatures- whoopiecookie

Privacy please! – whoopiecookie

Check back tomorrow for more Cheese!

Guess who’s back?

25 Nov


Our hard working elf made his journey back from the North Pole. We adopted Cheese last year and my daughter was the one to name him. The Elf on the Shelf is a popular book that explains the story behind the elves. It’s an great story and has now become a Christmas tradition. I’ll keep you posted on Cheese’s shenanigans this Christmas season. 
What Christmas traditions have you adopted with your family? 

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