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25 Aug

Saturday morning Sarah, aka MOH, planned on brunch at Triptych. Triptych has a cool and artsy vibe. The restaurant has colorful fabric panels draped across the high pitched ceiling, local artist paintings hanging on the walls and concrete floors. The bottomless mimosa special makes this place a must stop!

Triptych offers traditional mimosas with orange juice, but they also offer mango, grapefruit and more! I tried out the specialty -champagne with peach simple syrup aka: the Farrah Faucet! I’m a sucker for peach and it didn’t disappoint!

The menu had spectacular, traditional brunch fare. One that caught my eye was the eggs benedict with spinach and mushrooms. A few of the other ladies tried out the crab cake with their eggs benedict. It look rich and filling. The portion was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed a thing! So yummy!

After brunch, we shopped till we dropped! Thanks Sarah for the fun photo!

Cool Coloring

23 Apr

Better hurry and color your eggs! Last night we finished ours. We tried a new tie-dye technique. Super cool! ….HAPPY EASTER!!!

Egg-cellent Leftovers

22 Apr

With Easter only days away, I’m already contemplating what to do with all the dyed, hard boiled eggs we will have. Of course coloring eggs is a must each Easter because the kids love it so much…but what do I do once the Easter bunny leaves them?

There are the tried and true recipes we can all fall back on. I’m sure each of us has our own version of deviled eggs, egg salad for sandwiches and our favorite homemade potato salad. All of these are great ways to use up the leftover colored eggs. I was thinking of something different…

My husband really likes what he calls a BLAT or what everyone else calls them, a BLTA. A delicious and simple bacon, lettuce, tomato and avocado sandwich. I was thinking of trying a BELT sandwich. I will use my hard boiled eggs, sliced, with tomato, lettuce and bacon on toasted whole grain bread. This is a great option to have for lunch on Monday or any day following Easter Sunday!

If breakfast is more your thing, try sliced hard boiled eggs with a toasted English muffin, bacon, and cheese a la McDonald’s.

Dress Up Your Eggs

20 Apr

Every year for Easter we gather at Grandma’s house and have the traditional fare followed by an Easter egg hunt in the backyard.  Each family is tasked with bringing 6-12 eggs for hiding. 

A couple of years ago, instead of dying my eggs, I dressed them up with cute little covers.  The covers were made primarily from baby socks!  The rest of the supplies are various craft items that you might have on hand: pipe-cleaners, small poms, feathers, google eyes and some wool felt. 

Everyone loved them and my Grandma saved them to be used again!

That year I managed to under-boil the eggs, so they weren’t great for eating, but they sure looked cute!

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