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Diaper “Golf Bag”

6 Jun


For my best friend’s baby shower, I told her I’d make her a golf bag out of diapers. I had seen some online to order, but I wanted hers to match the color scheme she selected. Also, I love making anything because it’s much more special.


I started with an idea and sketched out a plan. Once I came up with this, I made my list and hit the stores. I shopped at Joann’s, Michael’s and Walmart.


First step was to drill a pilot hole through the center of the large dowel.


Next, I took 2- 8″ cardboard cake rounds and drilled the screw with washer through the bottom.


Now that I had the base, I could get the fun part started!


I rolled up the diapers around the base until I got to the edge. I used a couple different diaper brands, Huggies inside, Pampers outside. I like the Pampers size 1 on the outside since they are plain white and soft.


Keep stacking until you reach the top! I tied a thick satin ribbon and then a smaller grosgrain ribbon for contrast of color and texture. I left a little bit of length so that I could tie the “handle” on the back.


I used thinner dowel for the “golf clubs” with socks for the tops. I stuffed the matching sock inside to maintain the shape.


The wheels are rolled up washcloths. I used gift wrap ribbon to thread around and create that wheel look.


Around the top, I added a wash towel and pacifiers with ribbon.


On the other side, I tied up a onesie to make a little sack. Inside, I added baby shampoo, baby powder, baby lotion, etc.

Overall, I love the way it turned out.

Diaper Cake- Seuss Style

31 Mar

No baby shower would be complete without a diaper cake!

For┬áthe cake decorations, I used red fabric (cut into strips), white fabric (cut into strips), a soft Cat in the Hat baby toy (the topper), poms, ribbon and pins to put it all together. Originally I looked for red ribbon, but the ribbon wasn’t wide enough. I was lucky to score a remnant piece that was discounted and it also happened to be on sale for 50% off!

To make this 4 tiered diaper cake, you should create a sturdy structure. I used 122 rolled up diapers and secured them with rubberbands. Tip: this could be a good party game- guess how many diapers!

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