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Wallpaper Art

10 Jun


This wall art is the last piece to the bathroom renovation puzzle. The print is the vintage wallpaper that was originally in the bathroom. During demolition, we were able to salvage a few large pieces off of the drywall. The plan all along was to frame it and hang the print on the wall of the newly completed bathroom.

I sized up the area that I wanted to show in the frame, once I had that, we checked out frames. Lucky for us, we found an in stock size! Custom framing is expensive and we wanted to keep this relatively cheap. I found that the 24×36 size was a good fit and it was only $30 on sale! At home, I found the center of the print and measured 12″ to each side and marked it. Once marked, I used a straight edge and then cut the excess off. I repeated for the length. Lastly, I used double sided tape and smoothed out the wallpaper to the frame backing so I had no wrinkles. I can’t wait to see it hung in the bathroom!


The print itself is beautiful, but the fact that the colors are all in a grey/sepia tone makes it worth saving! There have been lots of ugly wallpapers being torn out of old houses, mine included, but this one is one of the most interesting I’ve seen in a LONG time.


My mother-in-law said that her mom was actually going to let the kids “color” the ladies in! I’m so glad she didn’t, I can only imagine what that would look like. Yikes!

Pretty Powder Room

3 Apr


With the first bathroom almost complete, we are starting to get the plans for the second bathroom on the move. Luckily, all this little space needs is a minor facelift. The flooring, countertop, sink, faucet, medicine cabinet and toilet have been replaced. The plan here is to paint the cabinets, clean up the cabinet handles and hinges, add a light fixture and paint the walls.


This picture is the inspiration for the updated bathroom.


So here are the selections…the green is for the cabinets and the light peach color is the wall paint. I am anxious to see how it all turns out. We were lucky to stumble upon this daisy fabric that has all the colors of the painting in it!


Under two yards of fabric and we got two new curtains! I love how the sun shines through mid-day, reminds me of stained glass.


I’ll post an update once it’s painted! So excited!

Curtain Call

2 Apr


So here are the curtains I made this weekend for the bathroom! Since they are more of a solid color, I added an embroidery detail near the hem. When the sunlight comes through the window you can really see it!


I am really happy with how they came out. I made two curtains for this bathroom and used less than two yards of fabric. This pair of curtains cost less than $10 and they match the bathroom tile perfectly.

Funky Finds

7 Mar


Aren’t these prints fun? My mother in-law has had these prints for years! They are my favorite and I enjoy looking at them all the time, they make my heart smile.


There are many prints hanging all over the house, but these two really make me happy! The colors, the faces, the designs, they have a fun and funky vintage vibe that I love!

Wreaths for every season

24 Jan

I recieved and email,from someone very special, about a tutorial on making your own ornament wreath. What a great idea for Christmas! I wanted to take a stab at it so I hit up my local Mr. Stuff store. Mr. Stuff always has great random items for VERY cheap. I bought these plastic ornaments for .25cents each and since I got so many, they gave me every 5th one free! Score!

I like that the ornaments are plastic because I didn’t have to worry about the wreath being fragile. I took a wire hanger and bent it into a circle, keeping the hook part for hanging. I left the end open to add the ornaments. Tip: you have to hot glue the round cap with the hoop so they don’t seperate from the ornament. I randomly put the ornaments onto the hanger and then twisted it closed. Lastly, I had some extra tulle and used that to create a bow, but you can use oversized ribbon instead. I liked the colors and will be hanging this on my door when Easter rolls around!

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