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A very Cheese-y surprise!

26 Nov

A Birthday Surprise

Cheese had a surprise for Zoey’s birthday last year! He baked cupcakes and decorated a special treat all on his own! If you have a December birthday in your family, maybe your elf could celebrate in their own special way! I wonder what Cheese will come up with this year?

North Pole Cupcakes

At school, we shared Zoey’s birthday with the class and all the kids made their own North Pole inspired cupcake! We supplied the kids with coconut, sprinkles, frosting, a candy cane and a gingerbread man cookie.

Now the kids get a turn!

Spread Christmas Cheer!!


3,2,1… Blast Off!!

2 Oct

We are a big fan of science and astronomy in our house. We geeked out a little and watched Curiosity coverage live on the NASA channel. We also got just as excited as the guys at JPL when it landed without a hitch. The kids are just as obsessed with planets and space shuttles as we are and Calvin wanted to have a Space Party! We launched Calvin into his 3rd year with style!

I made vanilla cupcakes topped with planets, space shuttles and sprinkles. Calvin helped decorate the cupcakes, he was also disappointed when he couldn’t eat one right away. In the end.. his patience was greatly rewarded.

For lunch… I enlisted help from the chef of the household, my husband, and he made the sauce and meatballs from scratch for “Meat-eorite” sandwich sliders! We also served salad on the side.

For party favors, i packed bags of glow in the dark planet decals, glow sticks, spinning tops and space stickers. As an extra treat, each kid got a 100 pc astronaut puzzle! We also had a blast making everyone an astronaut for a day with our “photo booth.”

No space party would be complete without a moon bounce! The kids enjoyed hours of defying gravity with some high jumps and flips.

Calvin had a blast at his party… the moment of the day came while Calvin was opening his gifts. Calvin got a $100 bill from his Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa… he was in awe to say the least!

Next stop… watching Endeavor being towed through the streets of Los Angeles! Did anyone catch the flyover?

Hummingbird Cupcakes

29 Aug

For my grandmother’s birthday, I made Hummingbird Cupcakes (No hummingbirds were harmed in the making of this ). The first time I had Hummingbird Cake was at our English Tea Party last year and it was so good! Hummingbird cake has crushed pineapple, shredded coconut, mashed bananas and chopped walnuts mixed into the batter with a little bit of cinnamon too! Since this cake is a little sweet, I chose to use creamcheese frosting on these cupcakes. In a large cake slice, this cake can be a little too much. Cupcakes are the perfect small serving and you don’t feel too full afterward. Have you ever tried Hummingbird Cake?

Basketball Cakes

21 May


Here in LA, the Lakers Rule! We all wish they were doing a little better this round, but we still have hope in our hearts. We are gearing up for a must-win in OKC and what better way to do that than with cupcakes!


I made the Laker “L” with melting candies while the cupcakes were baking and then cooling. I drew on the basketball lines with writing gel then topped a few cupcakes off with the little logo designs. Hey! If we don’t win, that’s okay, we’ll be alright! Now, please excuse us as we will be stuffing our faces with these tasty treats! Go Lakers!


Seuss-like Sweets

3 Apr

The baby shower has come and gone. Now I can share the best part… SWEETS! Here are cakes 3 ways:

1- Thing 1 & Thing 2 inspired cupcakes. These tasty treats were Red Velvet cupcakes with a single top layer of cream cheese frosting followed by a stack of homemade buttercream, dyed blue, to create the “hair”.

2- Truffula Tree inspired cake pops.  I made these pops with chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. I melted different candy colored coating and sprinkled with coordinating colored sugar. I chose to wrap these up for take home treats.

3- Chocolate cake with homemade buttercream in electric blue. I made this chocolate cake with layers of vanilla frosting and the outside piped in buttercream to match the cupcakes.

All of the delicious treats were either gobbled up of sent to good homes! Thank goodness!

Tower of Cupcakes

3 Oct

We have been celebrating lots of birthdays lately! Yvette’s little one turned 2 last week (check out her party post here) and my little one turned two the week before that! You could say we’ve been more than busy these days.

For my son’s special day, I chose to make him cupcakes over the traditional birthday cake. My son loves to eat cupcakes and I thought this was an opportunity to break the cake mold. It’s also a plus to not have to cut the cake!

I baked chocolate cupcakes and chose to dye the vanilla frosting blue. After piping the frosting on the cupcakes, I sprinkled the tops with sharks, fish and turtles. I used a cupcake tower and added the two candles to the top cupcake. I thought the tower was a little bare.. so I used my Cricut and cut out my son’s name. I taped the letters carefully to toothpicks and viole!

We didn’t just serve cupcakes… we chose Italian! We had homemade spaghetti, italian bread, cucumber salad and lots of wine! The party was intimate and fun. The best part was watching my little boy blow out the candles! Happy Birthday Calvin!

A Little Birthday Bling

26 Sep

My youngest turned 2 over the weekend! Yay, terrible twos!!

For his birthday I planned a small grilled cheese party. We called it a “Whine and Cheese” party. Cause terrible two-year olds whine, and he adores cheese…Get it? Okay, just checking.

I went to the deli and bought 1/3 lbs of 6 different cheeses and laid out other fix-ins like, onion, tomato, peach salsa, tomato chutney, avocado and pears. To butter the bread we had regular butter as well as herb butter (my fav). We provided sourdough, country white and whole wheat bread sliced and cut in half so that guests only had to eat a half a sandwich at a time, leaving room to try another combination! I had the Panini press hot and ready to go when guests arrived. Not only was it great faire, it turned out to make for great conversation. Everyone was a buzz about the different combos!

We had to have birthday cake. Since I was a little under the weather, my dear sister Keila did the baking for me. She made a small chocolate cake and a dozen chocolate cupcakes. I frosted everything and topped the cake off with a little birthday bling!

To make the glittery no. 2 just pipe vanilla melting candy in the shape of a two on to a piece of parchment paper, making to sure to add a little tab at the bottom to be pressed into the cake. Then, add your glittery sprinkles and let it set in the fridge.

Happy Birthday Magoo!

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