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25 Aug

Saturday morning Sarah, aka MOH, planned on brunch at Triptych. Triptych has a cool and artsy vibe. The restaurant has colorful fabric panels draped across the high pitched ceiling, local artist paintings hanging on the walls and concrete floors. The bottomless mimosa special makes this place a must stop!

Triptych offers traditional mimosas with orange juice, but they also offer mango, grapefruit and more! I tried out the specialty -champagne with peach simple syrup aka: the Farrah Faucet! I’m a sucker for peach and it didn’t disappoint!

The menu had spectacular, traditional brunch fare. One that caught my eye was the eggs benedict with spinach and mushrooms. A few of the other ladies tried out the crab cake with their eggs benedict. It look rich and filling. The portion was perfect and I wouldn’t have changed a thing! So yummy!

After brunch, we shopped till we dropped! Thanks Sarah for the fun photo!


Wedding Bells

3 Jun

A good friend of mine recently got engaged and as I was unwinding at the end of the day sipping my glass of champagne, I thought about her upcoming wedding…

Weddings make my mind go a million miles a minute. I LOVE thinking about weddings and planning them out in my head. The champagne cork gave me an idea….

I cut a little sliver out of the top and found an old place-card from another wedding we’d attended to use as an example. Not only is this eco-friendly, its adorable and couldn’t be simpler.  You could even use this for a nice dinner party.

It just so happens that my dear friend has been collecting corks for quite some time…was it meant to be?  What are you collecting?  You never know when you’ll find the perfect project!

Have a great weekend!

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