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Tee up!

1 May


It’s time for another baby shower! One of my very best friends is having a boy! Of course I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to help with her first baby shower, golf themed!

With the theme in mind, she decided she wanted golf ball cake pops and bought the green “grass” for the display. I planned out what I wanted the stands to look like.


I’m so happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to make the pops tomorrow! The shower is on Saturday, and I’ll post pictures! Stay tuned!

Anytime Pops

20 Jul

I love to bake.  But now that I’m back at work (*tear*) I don’t have a ton of free time.  So the last time I made cake pops I reserved some that had been balled up and placed on sticks and put them in a zip lock bag in the freezer.

Well yesterday we finally finished this cake.  With no time to bake tonight (and we all know dinner isn’t complete without dessert) I pulled a pop for each of us out of the freezer, microwaved some chocolate almond bark and coated the cold (but no longer frozen) pops.  Do you know what this means?!  You can make a batch on the weekend and have pops for weeks….That is if you can hold off!

Now you know what you’re doing this weekend!

Independence Day

4 Jul

We hope you all have a great 4th of July! Happy Independence Day!!

And Happy Birthday CAASI!!!

Thanks, Teach!

13 Jun

This is the last week of school!  Yay, I get to sleep in again!

It is customary to give your teacher a little something to say thank you for all their hard work.  Lets face it, teaching is one of the most challenging careers and is unfortunately typically also under compensated.  Once upon a time I wanted to be a teacher myself.  As the mother of a kindergartener (soon to be first grader), I can say with certainty that I would have been terrible at it.  I simply don’t have the patience.  I have been so beyond pleased with my son’s teachers this year.  He has grown so much and I am so proud of him.

To thank the lovely women who guided my rambunctious 6-year-old this year I put together a couple of gift baskets of sorts, each with their own themes.

The first is similar in structure to a diaper cake.  The bottom layer of the cake is a beach towel.  The middle layer is a couple of beach appropriate easy-on-the-brain magazines.  The top layer is a reusable cup for a cold beverage on a hot summer day.  Each layer is rubber-banded like a diaper cake would be, which is then covered with decorative ribbon.  I added to the “cake” a pair of sunglasses, a tube of sunscreen and two beach ball cake pops.  The whole thing sits on a cake round inside a large plastic basket gift bag, tied off with a coordinating ribbon.  I added a tag which read, “Thank you for making learning so fun, take a break to relax in the sun!”


The second thank you gift is a DIY herb garden.

I included a tray with three small pots, three packets of seeds, and a coordinating magazine.  In each pot I added some floral foam and a cake pop.  I wrapped it in a large basket gift bag, tied with the same ribbon.  The tag reads, “Thank you for helping Owen GROW!”

Thank you Ms. Santos and Mrs. Ebbing!  You are both wonderful educators and beautiful people!

Floral Cake Pops

12 Jun

Its been a while and now its seems I’m on a cake pop binge.  These cake pops would have probably been better if they were a little smaller, but once I got into it I couldn’t turn back.  There was a baby counting on me to hurry up.

I made regular white cake pops and sprinkled them with yellow sugar before they set.  For the petals, I purchased a pack of matching cupcake papers in two sizes.  (They were in the dollar bin at Michael’s…Score!)  I took two of the larger cupcake papers and cut them in to petal shapes and off set them.  Then I simply placed the smaller cupcake paper in the center.  Using an X-acto knife, I cut a small X shape in the center and pushed the stick through.

I wrapped each with a treat bag and closed it with washi tape.

These make a cute little thank you gift, perhaps…

Summertime Cake Pops

11 Jun

Living in Southern California, most days feel summer-like. We certainly can’t complain about the weather. But every year there is a family who spends part of their summer vacation here in sunny San Diego and we have had a great time with them on this annual trip. It gives us a chance to rediscover our city as a tourist and see things we may not have thought about…at least in a while. But most importantly, having friends in town every summer is a sort of mental signal that the summer season has officially started. Even though I’m not the one on vacation, it almost feels like it.

So, this weekend I spent some time in the kitchen doing something I hadn’t done in a long while…making cake pops! I made some season-appropriate beach ball cake pops. To do so, just make cake pops as you normally would, covering them in white almond bark or melting candies. Then take a toothpick and lightly score lines in your pop to create the six sections of the ball.

Next take some of your left over melted white candies and a food safe paint brush and lightly brush the melted candy on to one section.

Roll it in colored sugar.

Repeat with the other colors leaving white spaces in between and top with a small circle of white candy. If any of the sugar gets into a white space you can simply brush it off with your finger.

On top of being a fun treat to welcome the new season, these make a great gift for school friends.

Happy Summer!

Seuss-like Sweets

3 Apr

The baby shower has come and gone. Now I can share the best part… SWEETS! Here are cakes 3 ways:

1- Thing 1 & Thing 2 inspired cupcakes. These tasty treats were Red Velvet cupcakes with a single top layer of cream cheese frosting followed by a stack of homemade buttercream, dyed blue, to create the “hair”.

2- Truffula Tree inspired cake pops.  I made these pops with chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. I melted different candy colored coating and sprinkled with coordinating colored sugar. I chose to wrap these up for take home treats.

3- Chocolate cake with homemade buttercream in electric blue. I made this chocolate cake with layers of vanilla frosting and the outside piped in buttercream to match the cupcakes.

All of the delicious treats were either gobbled up of sent to good homes! Thank goodness!

Soccer Ball Cake Pops

16 Aug

Over the weekend, we were invited and sadly not able to attend, a soccer themed birthday party.  I was asked to make some soccer ball cake pops for the event.  I have previously made these baseball cake pops and those were a big hit so I was eager to try another sport.

The baseball cake pops were a little easier than the soccer balls.  I again used a chocolate cake with a bit of  milk chocolate frosting to form the cake balls.  I dipped them in vanilla almond bark and let them set.  And this is where the simple and easy went out of the door…

Adding the black pentagons to each ball was, in a word, tedious.  I learned, while making the baseball cake pops, that gel and regular icing don’t cut it on these candy coated treats.  I think using the melted candy coating actually works best, but it can be tricky to work with on detailed designs.  I believe some people use fondant as well.  I am not experienced with fondant (nor do I like the taste) so I wanted to give it a go using the melting candies (In retrospect, I think the fondant would have probably come out cleaner and more realistic).

Then the problem became, how do I color the melted almond bark?  I tried to use regular food coloring here.   That was a lumpy disaster.  Where is Alton Brown when I need him to explain the science behind almond bark to me?!  At my neighborhood Michael’s  I found a set of candy colors made by Wilton.  I used the entire jar of black to color my white almond bark.  I practiced a few times on a piece of parchment paper and then I moved on to the cake pops.  I kept an image of a soccer ball in front of me so that I could keep going back to refer to it.  After awhile its easy to lose the big picture.

I’m sorry I missed the party, but I am told that it was a great success and the cake pops were delish.

What sport is next?  I guess football season is upon us?!

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Monkey Business

2 Aug

Over the weekend, my neighbor and friend celebrated her son’s 1st birthday. I was happy to have the opportunity to make some cupcakes and cake pops for the occasion.

Avery’s party was Paul Frank themed, so monkeys in some form or another were a must!

First I made some vanilla cupcakes with milk chocolate frosting. Classic. To make the monkeys I used both regular sized Vanilla Wafers and Mini Vanilla Wafers. I had no idea that they came miniature sized, but that’s good to know for little hands…

If you chop the top off one of the regular sized wafers, you’ll get the perfect size for the monkey’s face and cut a mini in half for the ears. I used decorating icing and gel icing for the eyes, nostrils and mouth. To make the monkey a little more Paul Frank-esque (cause Julius isn’t just a regular old monkey!), I made the mouth more horizontal and the nostrils a little closer together.

The cake pops proved to be a little more difficult. I formed my cake balls into a more oval shape, using the space between my thumb and index finger. After sitting in the freezer for a few minutes, I used a little melted chocolate flavored almond bark to adhere a couple of M&Ms for the ears.

Again, I let them set in the freezer before inserting the sticks. Once the sticks had set in the freezer, I dipped the whole head in the chocolate almond bark. Be careful not to coat it too much (like I did) because you’ll lose some of your shape and they’ll look less like a head with ears and more like a wonky rectangle. Using colored candy melts I decorated the faces, letting everything set in between layers.

Finally I wrapped them in clear plastic and tied them off with some baker’s twine.

The cake pops were labor intensive. This was mostly due to the fact that there were so many steps and layers to them and you had to let everything set as you went. But for a themed party, these are very cute and are sure to be a hit!

Happy Birthday Avery!

Cupcake Pops

9 Jul

I always have a fun time baking. Baking is even more fun with a helper! My little girl helped my make these cute cupcake shaped cake pops. Cake pops are her new favorite, next to OtterPops of course!

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