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A night at the ballpark

20 Aug

lake elsinore storm

On a warm Summer night, nothing beats watching a baseball game and eating hot dogs! My little Calvin LOVES baseball and it’s so much fun to take him to the ballpark! We took a day trip out to see the Lake Elsinore Storm, they are the San Diego Padres single A minor league team. My grandparents live close so it’s convenient to go spend the day with them and then head to the game together.

Thunder Dog


We got to the ball park early and got to meet some interesting characters. Thunder is a crowd favorite and his antics did not disappoint! Would you believe it if I told you that Calvin scored THREE baseballs during this game? The first baseball came from the MC/ crowd runner, the second came from a foul tip and given to him by the player on deck and the third came from another player when he saw Calvin scouting out the dugout. Needless to say, Calvin has a small game ball collection started.

Game ball

If you have a minor league team near you, check out a game! The tickets are more than reasonable and it’s always a good time!

Baseball Cake Pops

5 Jun

As one of the team moms for my son’s T-Ball team I have attended league meetings, organized fundraisers and coordinated volunteering opportunities, but my favorite part of my duties thus far has been the end of season party planning! I thought this was a perfect chance to attempt baseball cake pops. I was totally intimidated by the idea of drawing laces on the cake pops. I went to Michael’s and bought every option available for writing on cakes.

I tried gel…disaster!
I tried frosting…disaster!
I tried cookie decorating pens from Wilton…perfect!

Of course I purchased the cookie decorating pens in a pack of 4 different colors and quickly went through the red one…kind of a disaster. It was the middle of the night and I needed the cake pops for an 8am game…what to do…what to do…

I did the only thing I could do…I moved on and added blue laces to the rest of the cake pops. It ended up working out. I kind of had a red, white and blue thing going.

I brought them to the field and had several moms from other teams in the league ask me where I purchased them! The best compliment of all!

Congrats to the Yankees on a great season!

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