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Countdown to the 1st Day of School

19 Aug

Paper Chain

The kids are very excited that the first day of school is almost here! The kids made a paper chain for the days left until school starts. Calvin has a little longer chain than Zoey since he starts pre-school about a week later. The kids enjoy waking up and tearing off another “link” to the chain.

Zoey board

Since we’ve made the chain, we have also been preparing for school everyday. We had been spoiled with a PM start for Kindergarten last year and have enjoyed a slow start to the day. Now that Zoey will be in 1st grade, she starts at 8am like all the others and we are no way ready for that kind of transition! For the past two weeks we have been waking up early and have gotten into our new routine. To help keep us on track, we started up our daily stamp sheet/chore chart and it really has helped the kids stay motivated!

Calvin Board

The kids each have their own magnet board with their stamp sheets. I purchased these small magnet boards from Walmart for about $7 each. The boards come with double-sided mounting tape, I chose to mount our boards with those wonderful Command strips that I love! I didn’t want anything that would take the paint off of our doors or leave any residue behind. Command strips are my go to for about EVERYTHING I hang on my walls.

So, do you have any special preparations to the start of a new school year?

Back to School

28 Aug

My little girl starts Kindergarten today. I promised myself I wouldn’t cry. One thing I know that I don’t have to worry about is lost jackets!

Martha Stewart makes these great labels! No sew clothes labels!┬áThese great stickers last 20 washes and I don’t have to worry about losing jackets and sweaters this school year!

These labels work very well for uniforms. Every Friday is spirit day for my little one and you can bet every other kid in her class will have one of these sweatshirts… now hers will easily be found! Here’s to┬áthe start of a new school year!!

Back-to-School Kicks…

22 Aug

My June-Bug has her own sense of fashion. Take a peep at her Back-to-PreSchool kicks:

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