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Diaper “Golf Bag”

6 Jun


For my best friend’s baby shower, I told her I’d make her a golf bag out of diapers. I had seen some online to order, but I wanted hers to match the color scheme she selected. Also, I love making anything because it’s much more special.


I started with an idea and sketched out a plan. Once I came up with this, I made my list and hit the stores. I shopped at Joann’s, Michael’s and Walmart.


First step was to drill a pilot hole through the center of the large dowel.


Next, I took 2- 8″ cardboard cake rounds and drilled the screw with washer through the bottom.


Now that I had the base, I could get the fun part started!


I rolled up the diapers around the base until I got to the edge. I used a couple different diaper brands, Huggies inside, Pampers outside. I like the Pampers size 1 on the outside since they are plain white and soft.


Keep stacking until you reach the top! I tied a thick satin ribbon and then a smaller grosgrain ribbon for contrast of color and texture. I left a little bit of length so that I could tie the “handle” on the back.


I used thinner dowel for the “golf clubs” with socks for the tops. I stuffed the matching sock inside to maintain the shape.


The wheels are rolled up washcloths. I used gift wrap ribbon to thread around and create that wheel look.


Around the top, I added a wash towel and pacifiers with ribbon.


On the other side, I tied up a onesie to make a little sack. Inside, I added baby shampoo, baby powder, baby lotion, etc.

Overall, I love the way it turned out.

Daddy’s Little Caddy Baby Shower

5 Jun


I’ve been kind of busy and haven’t had the chance to post final baby shower photos! The event was beautiful and everyone had a great time! Mommy-to-be was gorgeous and glowing! I am so happy that I got to be a part of the event and help out. It took a small army of helpers to pull it off and everything came together like a perfect puzzle.


I made these vanilla cake pops with white candy coating. Wilton’s golf ball candy mold was the perfect size for the pops. I love that the impressions came out so well. As for the stand, I made that as well! You can see the details for that project here.


I got so many compliments on the diaper golf bag. I love the way it came together and actually looks like a golf bag! It looked HUGE sitting on my kitchen table, but it was the perfect size for the centerpiece of the large dining room. My diaper golf bag “tutorial” to come…


I was so excited to see how the table linens and everything were going to look with all the other decorations. I didn’t know what the table linens or flowers were going to be until I got to the house. I guess all great minds think alike, everything matched perfectly!


The flowers were purchased from the Flower Mart in Downtown LA. We arranged cut and arranged them in the morning and added the flags once we put them on the tables. I like the pebbles at the bottom of the vase and the addition of the golf balls… it’s the perfect kind of water hazard!

The shower was a success!! It was slam dunk! Hole-in-One! Touchdown and all that Jazz!

Seuss-like Sweets

3 Apr

The baby shower has come and gone. Now I can share the best part… SWEETS! Here are cakes 3 ways:

1- Thing 1 & Thing 2 inspired cupcakes. These tasty treats were Red Velvet cupcakes with a single top layer of cream cheese frosting followed by a stack of homemade buttercream, dyed blue, to create the “hair”.

2- Truffula Tree inspired cake pops.  I made these pops with chocolate cake and chocolate frosting. I melted different candy colored coating and sprinkled with coordinating colored sugar. I chose to wrap these up for take home treats.

3- Chocolate cake with homemade buttercream in electric blue. I made this chocolate cake with layers of vanilla frosting and the outside piped in buttercream to match the cupcakes.

All of the delicious treats were either gobbled up of sent to good homes! Thank goodness!

Festive Welcome

30 Mar

Let me begin by saying that I really dislike balloons…particularly the latex variety.  I may have been traumatized as child with a busted balloon or something.  Unfortunately for me my kids adore balloons.

I recently discovered the festive and non-threatening nature of deflated balloons.

I purchased a styrofoam wreath form and floral pins from my local Michaels and about 150 balloons from the dollar store.  150 may sound like a lot, but the balloons cost less than $10 (I had to purchase the white ones from Target since the dollar store was sold out).

I gathered four balloons in each pin and shoved it into the wreath form.  Carry on, filling in where needed around the whole wreath.  I used about 46 floral pins total.

I left a gap at the top of my wreath to add some signage.

Now guests at my Seussical Baby Shower will be welcomed with a festive wreath.  Also, since pins are used in lieu of glue, you can really take it all apart and use it again…add different colors for a different occasion perhaps?!

I think I’m starting to like balloons!

Seussical Centerpieces

29 Mar

My Little Helper

Yvette’s baby shower is right around the corner! I decided to start early and create some of the decorations. I made these little centerpieces two weeks ago, my very own little Truffula Trees! I love this project because it’s very easy and you could use these same methods to create little centerpieces for many different occasions by simply changing the poms to flowers, shapes, cutouts and more!

I used poms, small pots, floral foam, hot glue, twigs and Easter “grass”.

First, I glued the poms to the twigs.

Second, I cut the foam and fit it to the pot.

Next, I hot glued the twigs and gently pushed them into the foam. For thinner twigs, I used a toothpick to start so the twig wouldn’t bend.

Lastly, I added the Easter “grass”. I didn’t glue it down, but I suppose you could if you wanted to.

That’s it! I think I will be adding colored ribbon to the rims of the pots to finish them off.

One Fish, Two Fish….

28 Mar

One of our 3 is expecting her third! Our very own Yvette is having a baby and I get to help plan the baby shower! Yvette gave us the party theme that she wanted, Dr. Seuss! The inspiration came from some Hallmark invites she found that said “one fish… two Fish… little brand new fish”. While the invites were found, there weren’t enough to purchase and many stores had been sold out. Bummer… the search began for Dr Seuss inspired invitations.

After a pretty extensive google search, we found this invite from PolkaDotDesign via Etsy. I purchased the design I wanted and messaged the seller with the information for the invite. I was emailed the mock-up for changes, but it was perfect! I was sent the final file and off to my local Kinko’s I went. I had Kinko’s print my invites and I found envelopes at my local craft store.

Lastly, I made my own address labels! I downloaded a free font for Microsoft Word that was very Seuss-like. I printed the addresses and cut them out. I rounded the edges and used rubber cement for the adhesive of my DIY labels. Since I had all of these materials for this particular project, I saved $15.00 by not purchasing store-bought labels.

More to come on this Seuss-tacular Baby Shower….

Sugar & Spice & Everything Nice

16 Dec

I recently hosted a baby shower for one of my nearest and dearest. As she is having a girl, it was hard to exclude pink, but I did my best to balance it out with lots of creams and greens.

Baby showers can easily become a cliché, so I did my best to keep it modern and clean….much like the new parents!

The invites I created on my computer and simply e-mailed them to my local FedEx Kinko’s for printing. I also carved out a stamp using the image of the stork. I stamped it on the envelope so that they coordinated with the homemade invites inside.

Once I had decided on the style of the invite, the rest of the decorations came from there. A diaper cake is a must have at a baby shower, so I made one using one package of size 1 diapers. I covered a cake round with some cute coordinating scrapbook paper and layered my diapers on top. I used a big container of baby powder and a chop stick to hold everything together in the center. I created a bouquet of felt flowers in different sizes to decorate the cake, and topped it with a stork matching the invite.

Since I went in a “Sugar & Spice” direction, I knew immediately that I wanted to have a Candy Bar. Who wouldn’t love to create their own to go bag of their favorite candies in lieu of the traditional party favor?

We had simple finger foods for the guests–Sandwiches, veggies, pita chips, etc–and instead of a traditional cake, in keeping with the finger foods, I made vanilla whoopie pies with strawberry glaze.

Mama got lots of great stuff for the baby and more importantly, we all had the chance to express our heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple and share in the love and excitement of this time in their lives!

Nautical Surprises

12 Jul

surprise: a nautical themed baby shower

our good friend is french and i guess they don’t have baby showers in europe. so it was a double surprise for her when 1) we didn’t go to dinner as “planned” and 2) a few of her friends were popping up from behind couches! i didn’t have time to create an invite because it was a last minute decision to throw a party the weekend before the un-birthday party! thank gawd for yvette who loves to shop, create, and inspire me!

menu: lasagna, caesar salad, dinner rolls, berries, and a variety of batter up cupcakes (as long as they matched my color scheme- red velvet, chocolate/chocolate, vanilla/chocolate, to name a few). for drinks we had perrier, sangria with a fizzy twist, and assorted sodas. our neighbor also made the most melt in your mouth deelish! toffee brownies…

activities: the usual baby shower games- baby word scramble, measure the belly, and guess-who-the-gift-is-from (if the mama-to-be guessed correctly she won the gift!). winners also took home the centerpieces.

party favors: little brown bag filled with salt water taffies and a nautical inspired pen. yvette and i also made these origami paper boats as place cards. the mama also took home a diaper cake, small wooden light houses, and love! awl…

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Hello Baby!

13 Apr

hello baby: in giraffe and haute pink

my sister-in-law was having a girl! she knew from that moment that little baby would be haute pink and giraffe print all over. she also loves hello kitty so of course we had a baby shower that combined the three things my sister-in-love was hormonally obsessing over last spring! a good friend of mine made this invite to set the mood.

menu: pin wheel sandwiches, fruity organic popcorn, pasta salad, chocolate fondue fountain with strawberries, raspberries, and cake bread, pink lemonade and water spiked with pineapples. a big hello kitty cake and big pink tin buckets filled with pink and brown chocolate suckers.

activities: you know the same games: don’t say ‘baby’ or ‘cute’ or you lose your charm/s, guess the baby food flavor, and how big is my belly?

favors: hello kitty shaped cookies, pink boxes filled with pink and brown m&m’s, and the assorted hello kitty prizes.

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