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Wallpaper Art

10 Jun


This wall art is the last piece to the bathroom renovation puzzle. The print is the vintage wallpaper that was originally in the bathroom. During demolition, we were able to salvage a few large pieces off of the drywall. The plan all along was to frame it and hang the print on the wall of the newly completed bathroom.

I sized up the area that I wanted to show in the frame, once I had that, we checked out frames. Lucky for us, we found an in stock size! Custom framing is expensive and we wanted to keep this relatively cheap. I found that the 24×36 size was a good fit and it was only $30 on sale! At home, I found the center of the print and measured 12″ to each side and marked it. Once marked, I used a straight edge and then cut the excess off. I repeated for the length. Lastly, I used double sided tape and smoothed out the wallpaper to the frame backing so I had no wrinkles. I can’t wait to see it hung in the bathroom!


The print itself is beautiful, but the fact that the colors are all in a grey/sepia tone makes it worth saving! There have been lots of ugly wallpapers being torn out of old houses, mine included, but this one is one of the most interesting I’ve seen in a LONG time.


My mother-in-law said that her mom was actually going to let the kids “color” the ladies in! I’m so glad she didn’t, I can only imagine what that would look like. Yikes!

Funky Finds

7 Mar


Aren’t these prints fun? My mother in-law has had these prints for years! They are my favorite and I enjoy looking at them all the time, they make my heart smile.


There are many prints hanging all over the house, but these two really make me happy! The colors, the faces, the designs, they have a fun and funky vintage vibe that I love!

Book of Treasured Maps

6 Jun

I recently ordered this book by Lena Corwin specifically to use her hand drawn maps as art for the kids’ room.  This weekend I finally had the chance to get them up on the wall.

I love Lena’s gentle use of color.  It is perfect for a kids room and the maps will inspire them to ask questions and learn more about cities other than their own.  Plus, repeating the similarly styled, yet different, maps all the way around the room, makes it appear put together, cohesive and designed.

Have you ever used a book as a source for art in your home?  Calendars also work well for this purpose.  Have you ever recycled an old calendar as wall art?

An Oasis of Murals…

30 May

I’ve been to Twentynine Palms more times than I can count. I remember the first time I experienced this off-beat town. You drive into town and before you know it, you’ve driven out of town. It’s a small place that is home to a big Marine base. It also has hidden jem restaurants, quaint shops, antique stores and small art galleries. My favorite part are the murals painted along side many of the buildings… these are a few… ENJOY!

Desert Flowers

A Welcome Home

The Desert Trail

Marines in Combat

A Flash Flood

A desert landscape


Carve a Stamp, Save a Tree

20 Oct

I fell in LOVE. 

And then I fell in LOVE again…with Faux Bois.

While redecorating our living room I knew that I wanted to pepper our walls with a collage of frames.  I did have several family photos in mind and a few pieces of art pulled from other rooms.  And then there was one empty frame.  Enter the faux bois.

I love the idea of stamping and creating my own stamp to be used again and again, maybe for my own home or to be gifted to others.  I love efficiency!  So I purchased a rubber block from my local Michaels.  I copied a wood grain pattern onto the rubber block and then outlined a heart in the middle.  I then VERY CAREFULLY carved out the wood grain pattern and the heart.

For this project I specifically used paint intended for use with rubber block stamps.  In the past I have used regular ink pads with stamps carved into rubber block; however, to create the clean modern look I wanted, I needed the even coverage that only a trayer and paint can provide. 

I used a simple piece of 11 x 14 sketch paper framed by white matting and a beautiful frame.  I am so pleased with the result!

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