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Why the long face?

19 Aug


Summer Break is almost over and it’s been quite eventful. I will be posting some of our fun adventures over the next few days. With the kids back in school, I hope to find more time to work on projects and try some new recipes! Hope you all had an awesome Summer too!! – Caasi

It’s finally Summer!

21 Jun


The first full week of Summer has come and gone. I’m beat! It’s been a jam packed week and I have 9 more weeks left. I can’t wait to share what we have been up to!

Look for new posts next week. I’ll be sharing our outings and activities that maybe you can add to your Summer schedule!

Happy first day of Summer!

Go Kings Go!!

2 Jun


Let’s win game two!!

The Festival of Books

3 May


Last weekend, I attended the LA Times Festival of Books. This was my first time attending this event that’s held annually at USC. I can’t believe that I have never been before! Not only is it just a 25 minute drive from my house, but it’s a book festival! I love books! This free event is fun for the whole family. There were cooking demonstrations, book readings, music, food and fun.


I didn’t bring the family, I attended alone because I wanted to check out some of the interview sessions. One that I attended was a conversation with our own Lt. Governor, Gavin Newsom. Newsom spoke about his first book, Citizenville: How to take the town square digital and reinvent government. While we all have embraced our new digital world through social media, portable devices, smart phones, infinite apps and the cloud, our government has yet to catch up and almost resists the change. After the event, I was able to meet and have Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom sign my book! Can’t wait to attend next year!


Tee up!

1 May


It’s time for another baby shower! One of my very best friends is having a boy! Of course I wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to help with her first baby shower, golf themed!

With the theme in mind, she decided she wanted golf ball cake pops and bought the green “grass” for the display. I planned out what I wanted the stands to look like.


I’m so happy with how they turned out and can’t wait to make the pops tomorrow! The shower is on Saturday, and I’ll post pictures! Stay tuned!

Bathroom Update

26 Mar
The Plan

The Plan

So the renovation is well underway and should be done for our Spring Break visit next week! I can’t wait to see it and take some progress photos! Here are some sneak peaks of what we selected:

Brizo Wallmount Faucet in Bronze

Brizo Wallmount Faucet in Bronze

We are installing a vessel sink so we had two options for a faucet, a tall single handle faucet installed in the countertop or this wall mount style faucet. Of course the wall mounted style is the way to go… I love the look of this faucet paired with the tile we fell in love with.

Glass Tile

Isn’t this glass tile awesome? I love the combination of colors and it sets a calm and relaxing mood for the bathroom.

Tile below the glass border

Tile below the glass border

We liked the subtle green tone to this seagrass natural stone tile. This tile will be below the glass border.

Tile for above the border, in the shower

Tile for above the border, in the shower

This lighter tile will be above the glass border and in the shower only. The wall above the border in the shower is going to be painted, not sure of the color yet.

Moss Cabinet Color

While we haven’t settled on a wall color, the cabinet color has been for a while. This green painted cabinet will have a light brown glaze. I can’t wait to see the finished cabinets!

Lucky Leprechaun

12 Mar


The kids have half days for conferences which means I need to get them to do something other than drive me nuts. While at our local Walmart, Calvin picked out orange cookie mix that ha wanted to make. I have never heard of orange flavored cookies, why not give it a try.


The nice thing about this mix, you only add two ingredients and mix it up. The kids enjoyed rolling the cookies into balls and watched them bake.


Once cooled, the kids decorated them with green and white frosting and a mix of green sprinkles. We bagged up the cookies and added the cute tags which are printable a from Studio DIY!


These kid friendly treats are leprechaun approved!

On Holiday

5 Mar

We were lucky to have an extended holiday weekend, a total of 4 days off! Of course our first choice is to always go out to the desert!


We had a relaxing, fun-filled weekend. The kids made dirt soup, visited a neighbor’s chicken coop, sat in another neighbor’s airplane, rode on a quad, hiked to the inside of a crater and more!


Our four legged kids also enjoy the extra room to run and play!


Can you remember the last time you had this much fun on a carousel?


Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend as well! Check back tomorrow for our Crater adventure hike!

Desert Renovation

4 Mar


I’m so excited to be working on a project just for fun! I am in the process of designing one of the bathrooms in our family’s desert house. I’ve been working with my mother in-law figuring out the fixtures, tile, paint, cabinets and more.

So far we have picked out the faucet and shower set and the tile. The demolition started this week and I will post more photos of the progress! Until then, here is what we have planned…


Check back for more on this project!

Happy New Year!

14 Jan
The Exposition Park Rose Garden

The Exposition Park Rose Garden

Wow! It’s been a long time and I feel like I have neglected our little blog here! If I feel that way, it’s because I have! Oh no! I have some reasons for doing!! You know how there is always big changes and resolutions for the new year, well mine started mid-December!

The first big change was telling my boss “see ya later” and quit my job! Big step, huge! So I knew this day was coming, but I was in a cloud for a couple of days after that! The plan was that I would work and my other half would finish his college degree by going to school full-time. So…other half graduated in December and got a job! I was all too pleased to march into my boss’s office and give my 2 week notice. With one week left, my boss was being kind of a/an(insert name call here) and I walked in on a Monday morning collected my things and in dramatic fashion, left! I now get to be home with my kids, help out at the school and start my own business!

I have come to the conclusion that I will finally become my own boss and work on my own terms! I am taking the year to get my kitchen & bath design/ consulting business going and can’t wait! My family and friends are equally as excited and are so supportive! My small check list for the year is to get my website designed and online, my portfolio set up, business cards/stationary designed, study and pass my IDEX exam (a California interior design certification), and more. I am positive that I can do this and look forward to my new “job.”

Did i mention that my former “chef” is now working full-time? This means I get to do the grocery shopping and meal planning! I was kind of doing this before, but now I am fully embracing it! I have had us on a household budget since June and have been very successful so far. Planning weekly meals is a HUGE factor in staying on track! I go grocery shopping once a week, rather than many trips throughout the week and ultimately buying things I don’t need. Speaking of that… trips to Target have been pretty much non-existent for obvious reasons.

So, while all of this has been going on, Zoey’s birthday, Christmas, husband’s birthday, New Year’s and multiple Christmas parties had passed! It was very busy and now I can relax, sort of. After Christmas, I have been on a rampage cleaning the house, putting away the decorations, got rid of the tree, organized the kid’s rooms and I’m still going!

So, as far as New Year’s resolutions go.. I just don’t have the time to promise more exercise! Those type of resolutions never work out anyways! I have set some goals for myself, like pass my exam, get my business going, blog more and I have set up a 2013 reading challenge of 50 books. I know that’s a little crazy, but I have two books read already and I’m on the third! Wish me luck!

I did mention blogging more, so I hope to have more regular posts for our faithful readers! Thanks for sticking with us and I look forward to my new adventures and sharing them with all of you! I plan on sharing my dinner planning menus (the good, bad and the ugly). I try adding new recipes to my rotation to spice things up a bit, sometimes it’s a hit, sometimes it tastes like… well you get the picture. I also will be sharing projects that I am working on, like the bathroom remodel I am working on for my in-law’s desert house! I hope that maybe sharing my experiences will help some of you, especially the remodeling projects!

Happy New Year and I’m looking forward to sharing 2013 with you!


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