Pinch me.

28 Feb

vscocam9                                                            Photo By Keila Belch

Dear Mr. Sandman,

We had some great times. Remember the good ‘ol days in college when we used to roll around in bed together until mid afternoon?! You hardly even visit me now. Was it me? Was it something I did? I fear it was the kids. Perhaps they were keeping you up at night too? But, for you to leave without having the common courtesy to give me some warning…well, that was what hurt the most. Perhaps someday we’ll meet again in an empty nest and we can rekindle our once passionate love affair. Until then, I’ll dream of you in my semi-conscious-non-REM state of mind.





Since my sister is still a college student, she is still able to sleep. She is actually nearly impossible to wake. Her superhuman ability to sleep through just about anything inspired me to make some dreamcatcher art.

I started with a plain canvas and some embellishments–crocheted pieces, yarn, beads, twine and feathers–everything I already had on hand. I glued everything down with my handy dandy hot glue gun and let it dry completely. Then I brushed some craft paint over everything.

photo 1

Once I felt like I had enough coverage with the craft paint I went over it with some spray paint  so that the coverage was even.

vscocam7                                                            Photo By Keila Belch

The result is modern and clean but three dimensional and interesting  too.  Sweet Dreams!


One Response to “Pinch me.”

  1. Mom March 1, 2013 at 11:47 am #

    Love, wish I could sleep like Keila too 🙂

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