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3,2,1… Blast Off!!

2 Oct

We are a big fan of science and astronomy in our house. We geeked out a little and watched Curiosity coverage live on the NASA channel. We also got just as excited as the guys at JPL when it landed without a hitch. The kids are just as obsessed with planets and space shuttles as we are and Calvin wanted to have a Space Party! We launched Calvin into his 3rd year with style!

I made vanilla cupcakes topped with planets, space shuttles and sprinkles. Calvin helped decorate the cupcakes, he was also disappointed when he couldn’t eat one right away. In the end.. his patience was greatly rewarded.

For lunch… I enlisted help from the chef of the household, my husband, and he made the sauce and meatballs from scratch for “Meat-eorite” sandwich sliders! We also served salad on the side.

For party favors, i packed bags of glow in the dark planet decals, glow sticks, spinning tops and space stickers. As an extra treat, each kid got a 100 pc astronaut puzzle! We also had a blast making everyone an astronaut for a day with our “photo booth.”

No space party would be complete without a moon bounce! The kids enjoyed hours of defying gravity with some high jumps and flips.

Calvin had a blast at his party… the moment of the day came while Calvin was opening his gifts. Calvin got a $100 bill from his Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa… he was in awe to say the least!

Next stop… watching Endeavor being towed through the streets of Los Angeles! Did anyone catch the flyover?

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