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Creative Kindergarteners

17 Sep

Lil’ Kindergartener

My little girl started Kindergarten! It’s been 2 weeks so far and she is loving it! Before school started, the PTA held a Kindergarten Family Picnic! All the Kinder families were invited and we would sit with the other families that were going to be in the class as well. We met the teacher, had great food and had lots of fun! The PTA hired The Art Zone to come in the white truck to paint and kept the kids occupied in their creativity!

Don’t worry, the paint is washable! The kids had a great time putting their mark on the truck! Awesome idea, right?

Monkey Business

14 Sep

I saw a recipe online for a cinnamon roll breakfast ring. I purchased the refrigerated biscuits, etc.. so I could try it out. I had the four pack of canned biscuits and decided to use them all. I made this Monkey Bread instead. It was so easy and turned out better than I had expected. I think next time I will use a little more sugar and cinnamon to “coat” the biscuit pieces and would also use more brown sugar/butter mixture to make them a little more gooey.


The kids loved it… what’ not to love? Pairs well with coffee and a sweet tooth!

Avocado Pasta

12 Sep

I saw this recipe on Pinterest and I was intrigued. I’m all for mixing strange foods and treats together! I used to eat cheeto’s and peanut butter- and not when I was preggers! Anyways…this was fettucine pasta, avocado “sauce” with pine nuts and roasted tomatoes. The avocado sauce was very easy to make.. it was 2 avocados (peeled and pitted), some olive oil, lemon juice and garlic pulsed in the food processor until smooth. You mix in the cooked pasta to coat. Add roasted tomato, pine nuts and parmesan cheeseĀ  on top and serve!

mmm… roasted!

This was a strange dish to say the least.. it was fighting between being a Mexican dish and an Italian dish. It was some confused pasta, but oddly addicting! Kid’s don’t really like strange colored paste sauce.. so this wasn’t a big hit with the youngsters.. maybe I’d try it again…maybe not. Have you ever had any weirdly combined foods?

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