19 Jul

Today my little baby sister turns 19!  Ahhh…remember those days?!  For her birthday I tried to take one of her favs and put it inside the cake.  Can you tell that its leopard print?  Well its supposed to be.  It didn’t turn out exactly like I envisioned it.  But lucky for me I have another shot at it!  I’m going to do the whole thing all over again this weekend.

I made the “spots” using the cake pop method.  I simply added a small amount of chocolate frosting to cake that had been dyed and baked.  I formed odd-shaped balls of the brown and then wrapped them with the black cake.  I dropped “spots” in the bottom of the plan and poured some of the batter on top and added some more spots that were sticking up out of the batter a little.  As the cake baked it rose up over them.  You’ll need a lot of spots.  I thought I used a lot on my first attempt, but I can see that I will need many more and probably smaller and less uniform…

Wish me luck on take two…

For her name, I simply wrote it out with melting candy and then generously sprinkled it with gold sugar sprinkles.  Place it in the fridge to set and pouf…super cute cake topper!

Happy Birthday Keila!


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