A 75th Birthday!

26 Jun

Photo by: Caitlyn

Wow, so many big birthdays are ahead for my family.. my dad is going to be 50 this Friday, my brother turns 29 Saturday and next week I turn the big 3-0! I haven’t even mentioned that my Grandma, my mom and Summer’s two sweet girls have birthdays in June as well! Phew, I know that I am probably forgetting someone too!

I guess my grandfather’s 75th birthday, at the end of May, kicked started the festivities for me! The family went to dinner at Ports O’ Call in San Pedro. I’d say 75 is a pretty big birthday and I wanted to help make it special. I decided I would make the cake! I whipped up this chocolate cake in the morning, let it cool and frosted it before we left the house. This is the only photo I have of it since I was unable to locate a camera before we dug in!

We all had a great time! Afterward, we walked down where they had little carnival rides for the kids. When the weather is great, nothing beats hanging out at Ports O’ Call!


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