momfilter + partout

23 May

How happy am I that… well first, do you remember Cookie? The magazine I was obsessed with after I had Violette (my first in ’05). I think I purchased subscriptions for all my friends that had little ones. It was so cool, inspiring, and so didn’t feel like an old mom wearing awful jeans and baggy shirts parenting magazine. It was fun and a perfect blend for cool parents and their kids. So, where was I? How happy am I that momfilter thrives on the ol’ interwebs (the founding editors of Cookie Mag created it) I came across this article from a friend: Lice Arsenal. Although we have yet to experience the irritating and itchy insects I did feel it necessary to drop them a note or comment about agnes baddoo’s partout.

partout by agnes baddoo

Not only is partout all natural and smells wonderful. It’s fun to roll on and acts as pesky bug repellant (an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure). I thought I should share this on our own blog because I think Vett and Caas would want me to. Got any de-lice  recommendations or preventions of your own?


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