Perfect Panels

20 May


I am currently making my godmother some new curtains for her newly remodeled kitchen. The challenge was finding a great print, kind of modern, to add some bright color to the space.

I am making simple panels from 45″ wide fabric. Measure desired finished length. Add 4 1/8″ to length measurement and cut the fabric in a straight line. This part will be very easy if you have a rotary cutter and mat. These measurements will allow for the following seam allowances:

For the top, I folded over 1/2″ of the cut top edge and then folded over again to 2 3/4″.


Sew first seam at 1 1/4″.


Sew a parallel seam at 2 1/2″. This will leave 1 1/4″ for the standard curtain or cafe rod to fit. If you are using a larger curtain rod, adjust the measurements accordingly.


For the bottom stitch, I folded over 1/4″ of the cut edge and then folded over again to 5/8″. Stitch 1/2″ seam.


Since the salvage edges won’t fray, I only turned in the sides (salvege edges) about 5/8″ once. Stitch 1/2″ seam. Remember to stop at the curtain rod opening, you won’t want to sew that closed!


This is a simple way to make your own curtain panels for your home.


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