Go Kings Go!

16 May


What a great time to be an LA sports fan! The Dodgers are having an amazing start to the season and the Staples Center has been busy with scheduling the Lakers, Clippers and Kings for the PLAYOFFS! Sorry, Angels fans… you’ll always be an Anaheim/Orange County team.


To celebrate the LA Kings playoff win, we had hockey pucks for dessert! I am pretty sure that just about everyone knows which certain hockey puck -shaped cake snack I’m talking about… DING DONGS! Yum! To dress them up a bit, I printed off the kings logo and piped melting candies onto wax paper. Once the candy set, I piped a little onto the cake so that the cany would hold. I wish that they came out cleaner looking, but the two littlest fans wanted to be thisclose to me so they could watch, ugh. Anyhow, without little ones around, you can do this for any team you love, we love LA!


Go Kings Go!


One Response to “Go Kings Go!”

  1. machisan May 17, 2012 at 2:16 am #

    that is awesome… hi handsome can i join you.

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