$1 Chandelier

13 Apr

The weather is warming up, the flowers are in bloom and I am planning to spend a lot more time outside. I’ve dusted off the patio furniture and realized I was missing something…

On one of my many recent trips to the dollar store I found a hanging plant basket like the one I used here.  I know that other retailers charge more than a dollar for them so I snagged it, figuring that I’d find some good use for it…

Following this St. Patrick’s Day party I found that the approximately 33 beaded necklaces that I, my hubby and my dearest Carrie had acquired throughout the night could be put to good use by creating a hanging, beaded chandelier.  I cut each necklace and strung them in two stages: (1) from the top of the chain to the top of the basket, and then (2) from the top of the basket to the bottom of the basket.  I used small pieces of floral wire to attach each piece.  It was pretty simple and only cost me the $1 I spent on the hanging basket.

While the beads were green, it was more of a Mardi Gras green than the Kelly green I wanted, so I did spend another few dollars to spray the whole thing a modern Kelly green.

If you need me, I’ll be outside!


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