Easter Tablescape

6 Apr

We’ve had babies on the brain around here lately.  But in preparation for this weekend’s festivities, I put together a super easy (and cheap!) Easter tablescape.

I had the table from this party and used a tablecloth from this party.  Most everything else I found around the house or purchased from the dollar store (my new favorite craft supply store).


Here’s my shopping list from the dollar store:

Two small yellow buckets for ranunculus  
Peeps (the chick variety)
Four orange chargers


Here’s what I had lying around the house:

Four white plates
Two yellow birdcages (purchased long ago from Michael’s for only a dollar for no reason except that they are cute!) 
Four white cloth napkins
Orange streamers (from this project)
Green plastic bag (green paper would work too)
Coordinating ribbon
Plastic forks and knives
Floor cushions
Clear glass vase
Oranges for slicing
Two cute kids


Other odds and ends:

Paint chips from Home Depot
Flowers from Trader Joe’s 


I cut the flowers and sliced the oranges (used about 3) and put together the three flower arrangements.  I had planned on using lemons so that the yellow matched the peeps, but they went bad before I got to them…bummer.

The name cards are made of paint chips from Home Depot.  I simply folded them in half and hand wrote the names with a black marker.  I also used coordinating paint chips to cut circles for the peeps to sit on.

I folded the napkins into little bunnies using this easy tutorial found on Good Housekeeping’s website and wrapped the plasticware with orange streamers, tying them off with coordinating ribbon.  The greenery at the top of each carrot is just a plastic bag I cut up.

This look is easily thrown together and holiday appropriate with stuff you probably already have.  The few things I had to pick up were very inexpensive, so don’t be afraid to try your hand at a tablescape that even Martha would be proud of!


2 Responses to “Easter Tablescape”

  1. Dora April 6, 2012 at 7:07 pm #

    What a beautiful Easter table And the boys are just adorable as ever. I love their bow ties. Your so talented.

  2. Nadia April 9, 2012 at 1:27 pm #

    I love the dedication to make everything special that you guys have it really reminds me of adesso’s handmade necklaces from their brand new totem collection

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