P is for Party Planning

5 Apr

My favorite parts of party planning are the decorations and the games! I had so much fun creating the different decorations to make this baby shower extra special.

I spent the last two weeks doing some shopping for and creating the diaper cake, centerpieces, banners and stakes. Yvette also contributed with a balloon wreath you can see here!

Yvette’s mama, Jeanette, purchased gift cards for the game prizes and I had to think of some cute way to wrap them up. I decided to conceal the goods in red envelopes and printed Dr Seuss phrases on them. I chose to create a banner using cut outs I purchased from Oriental Trading Company and added the envelopes to the string of characters. As we played the games, we invited the winners to pick an envelope and tear it off of the banner. It was very game show like.. I love surprises!

A baby shower wouldn’t be complete without having games! I’m not a huge fan of the ribbon guessing game and the safety pin game is played out. We chose the non-traditional route and created 2 games and had a scratcher! The scratcher was Yvette’s mama’s idea. While shopping for the shower, she stumbled upon a baby shower scratcher from Oriental Trading Company and added it to her shopping cart. I think it was appropriate, after all we’ve got lotto fever going on around here. For the other two games, I created a Dr Seuss trivia game and a Celebrity Baby Name game. I played the celebrity baby name game at a baby shower for my friend Amy and everyone had a great time! It was a must for this crowd and everyone seemed to enjoy it.. we also found out who spends too much time reading gossip mags and TMZ.com (cough cough.. Lori). The Dr. Seuss trivia was fun and played off of our Seuss-tastic party theme. If you want to play either game for your upcoming party: here is the trivia game and answer key, and this is the baby name game and answer key. Have fun, we sure did!


2 Responses to “P is for Party Planning”

  1. vegavick April 11, 2012 at 11:44 am #

    Caasi, I’m hiring you for my next party, you are a clever girl! Loved the party favors and decorations, so festive… sounds like everyone had a great time, sorry to have missed the Baby Shower. Vickie

    • whoopiecookie April 12, 2012 at 9:55 pm #

      Thanks! We missed you too! Hope you had fun on your trip! When are we going flea market shopping again?

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