Festive Welcome

30 Mar

Let me begin by saying that I really dislike balloons…particularly the latex variety.  I may have been traumatized as child with a busted balloon or something.  Unfortunately for me my kids adore balloons.

I recently discovered the festive and non-threatening nature of deflated balloons.

I purchased a styrofoam wreath form and floral pins from my local Michaels and about 150 balloons from the dollar store.  150 may sound like a lot, but the balloons cost less than $10 (I had to purchase the white ones from Target since the dollar store was sold out).

I gathered four balloons in each pin and shoved it into the wreath form.  Carry on, filling in where needed around the whole wreath.  I used about 46 floral pins total.

I left a gap at the top of my wreath to add some signage.

Now guests at my Seussical Baby Shower will be welcomed with a festive wreath.  Also, since pins are used in lieu of glue, you can really take it all apart and use it again…add different colors for a different occasion perhaps?!

I think I’m starting to like balloons!


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