One Fish, Two Fish….

28 Mar

One of our 3 is expecting her third! Our very own Yvette is having a baby and I get to help plan the baby shower! Yvette gave us the party theme that she wanted, Dr. Seuss! The inspiration came from some Hallmark invites she found that said “one fish… two Fish… little brand new fish”. While the invites were found, there weren’t enough to purchase and many stores had been sold out. Bummer… the search began for Dr Seuss inspired invitations.

After a pretty extensive google search, we found this invite from PolkaDotDesign via Etsy. I purchased the design I wanted and messaged the seller with the information for the invite. I was emailed the mock-up for changes, but it was perfect! I was sent the final file and off to my local Kinko’s I went. I had Kinko’s print my invites and I found envelopes at my local craft store.

Lastly, I made my own address labels! I downloaded a free font for Microsoft Word that was very Seuss-like. I printed the addresses and cut them out. I rounded the edges and used rubber cement for the adhesive of my DIY labels. Since I had all of these materials for this particular project, I saved $15.00 by not purchasing store-bought labels.

More to come on this Seuss-tacular Baby Shower….


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