Weekend adventure: Part 2

27 Mar

As if visiting and walking trails at Joshua Tree National Park wasn’t enough, we decided to stop by Pioneertown too! We were in the neighborhood and Pappy & Harriets was calling our name! I have posted about Pappy & Harriets and Pioneertown here, we went New Years weekend this year. Also, check out the LA Times article for Joshua Tree from Sunday’s paper- they also talk about this hidden gem.


When we arrived, we walked around Pioneertown with the kids. The kids enjoyed exploring the little, sleepy town.

Afterwards, we stopped to eat an early dinner at Pappy & Harriets. They have the craziest and most random decor.

The Entrance Band

I also spotted one of Summer’s favorite bands had played there before, The Entrance Band! The restaurant also doubles as a bar at night where shows are played. I will have to check that out for sure!

So Meaty! (in "The Soup" voice)

I had the chili and it is spectacular! Of course, I didn’t finish the bowl! Could you imagine? The leftovers tasted good the next day too!

The kids loved the atmosphere and they love to make silly faces too! Hope everyone had a great weekend!


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