Donuts for Dessert

21 Feb

Hi there, old friend! It’s been quite awhile. Its a story as old as time…

Girl meets boy. Girl marries boy. Girl gets pregnant (and then again and again). Girl vomits for months…

That’s right, baby no. 3 is now well on his way. But his unexpected appearance in my womb led to months of all day sickness, multiple trips to the urgent care for fluids and many many days spent entirely in bed. Needless to say, I haven’t spent much time in the kitchen. Why pregnancy would be accompanied by both a super sense of smell and a super sensitive gag reflex is beyond me!

Despite my nausea, my first born turned yet another year older recently and its customary to bring treats to his class at their designated snack time. Since snack time is before lunch, we thought it was appropriate to serve donuts. I didn’t want to pack these kids full of regular sized donuts and then send them back to class, so I decided to make them myself, a la the Sunbeam Donut Maker.

Having no experience making (or in this case, baking) donuts before, I had to try it out prior to the big day of course!  So I started with the standard vanilla recipe that came with the donut maker and topped them with a simple chocolate glaze.

They won’t taste like your standard donuts of course since they aren’t fried, but I love me some cake so I didn’t mind.  The only real problem with the donut maker that I could find was that it only makes five at a time.  Feeding a class of 30 kids, I decided to go with cake mix instead of the recipes that came with the maker since it yields more batter, faster.  I used a simple vanilla glaze topped with festive sprinkles.

The kids were very excited to see donuts that morning.  Wouldn’t you be?!

We celebrated his birthday again with family and had banana donuts with mini chocolate chips, powdered.

These were awesome, although they sweat and by morning the powdered sugar was no longer visible.  But that didn’t affect flavor.

So now you can feel free to eat donuts for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert.


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