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Bo Kwon @ Home

30 Jan

If you ever have the chance to try Bo Kown’s Koi Fusion, then you must. Try anything and/or everything all at once. Also, note that these are hard to share so don’t even think about it if you’re with a friend. Koi Fusion is South Korea uniting with Mexico creating a perfect blend of tortilla and  Korean BBQ among other crazy outbursts of mad flavors. I mention South Korea because I haven’t had the pleasure of trying North Korean dishes; however, I have lived in Seoul so I think I know a little bit about South Korean cuisine.

The point of this post is that I decided to make my own Bo Kwon bulgogi tacos at home for dinner and the results were excellent!

It’s real simple: corn tortillas, bulgogi beef from Trader Joe’s, cilantro, sliced cabbage, sliced onions, a cucumber spear.


Vintage Shopping

26 Jan

I am always on the look out for vintage clothing shops. There are a few around town, but I love finding new ones to check out as well. Recently, I found Retro Reload on Yelp. I was happy to find out that it is very local, near my childhood home! After reading the rave reviews, I had to see it for myself.

There is a great mix of vintage and consignment wear throughout the store. I had to hold myself back because there was so many awesome garments! This place also has an abundance of jewelry, scarves, shoes, hats and every other accessory under the sun. I also fell in love with a gorgeous walnut dresser that I wish I didn’t have to pass up on.

These are the things I couldn’t leave behind:

I first found this vintage red dress and snagged it from the rack.

I found this blue dress next, with a price tag of $7.00, I couldn’t pass it up!

I stumbled upon this cute top and couldn’t let it go! I love the color, but I’m not in love with the buttons. I think I may change them out at some point.

I can’t wait to go again to see what else I can find!

Peas Please

25 Jan

I recently purchased the cookbook by Julia Child, “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” I can’t believe how much information is in this one cookbook! I think of it more as an encyclopedia of French cooking.

I wasn’t quite sure what I was going to try first so I decided to go blind-folded. Okay, I wasn’t really blind folded! I took the book in hand and randomly opened it up. I decided that I would make whatever was on that page, thankfully I did not land on aspics!

There are 6 pages dedicated to peas in “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.”  I was lucky enough to have turned to the canned peas page. I was surprised to see that Julia approved of canned peas at all! I’d like to think that she put this in here as a last resort recipe. A recipe that you could use that will make canned peas taste pretty darn good!

The recipe was simple and fast which I love! I sautéed a minced shallot in butter and then added the peas. Next, I seasoned them with salt and pepper. After adding a small amount of mushroom broth, I cover the peas to heat them up. To reduce the liquid more, I uncovered the peas and turned the heat up high so that the liquid boils and evaporates. That was it! I never had can peas that tasted so good!

Wreaths for every season

24 Jan

I recieved and email,from someone very special, about a tutorial on making your own ornament wreath. What a great idea for Christmas! I wanted to take a stab at it so I hit up my local Mr. Stuff store. Mr. Stuff always has great random items for VERY cheap. I bought these plastic ornaments for .25cents each and since I got so many, they gave me every 5th one free! Score!

I like that the ornaments are plastic because I didn’t have to worry about the wreath being fragile. I took a wire hanger and bent it into a circle, keeping the hook part for hanging. I left the end open to add the ornaments. Tip: you have to hot glue the round cap with the hoop so they don’t seperate from the ornament. I randomly put the ornaments onto the hanger and then twisted it closed. Lastly, I had some extra tulle and used that to create a bow, but you can use oversized ribbon instead. I liked the colors and will be hanging this on my door when Easter rolls around!

Cherry Picking

23 Jan

For Christmas this year, I decided to make a few presents. I made reversible bags, cookies in a jar, iPad covers and this tie front purse with a pattern by Ali Foster Patterns. I love creating gifts for friends and family! I also love that they have something unique and all their own!

I made this particular tie front bag for my brother’s girlfriend. My original thought was to have the cherry fabric be the lining and the red be the main bag fabric. I decided to make it with the cherries on the outside because it was black and would hide wear better than the red. I can’t wait to make more of this bag!

Gifts in a Jar

22 Jan

For Christmas, I made decided to try out Bakerella’s idea of cookies in a jar! I decided to make these last-minute, so I couldn’t get the cute mason jars like she used. That’s okay, next time!

With limited resources, I was able to find some 2 quart containers by Ziplock. I followed her recipe and instructions for the dry goods, but changed my m&m colors to Christmas colors and added Christmas fabric to the tops.

This was a fun and easy project to follow! Homemade gifts are the most thoughtful and I love giving them! I will be making this project again, using real jars, for Valentine’s Day! I’m going to change the m&m colors to red and pink and use a cute heart fabric for the top! I plan on giving these as a treat for my daughter’s preschool teachers!

Go Green for 2012

22 Jan

For Christmas gifts this year I made reversible shopping bags! Many cities in Los Angeles are passing laws that ban the plastic shopping bag, which I am okay with. I actually prefer to use my fabric bags because I get more rewards points at my local grocery store! More rewards = more savings for me!

I purchased the reversible tote pattern from Ali Foster Patterns on Etsy. You may remember this name before, I love her patterns and have made this bag, this bag and even this bag. Her patterns are simple and clear, very easy to follow.

The part I love most about this project, you can choose whatever patterns you heart desires!

So American

21 Jan

Maybe this is me getting all nostalgic for the past, but I am really getting into vintage cars. Of course, this should be no surprise. I love vintage fashion and furniture. I also am obsessed with the architecture of old buildings and little ghost towns.

My brother is really into his old truck, I think he calls her “Betsy.” He loves old trucks so much he started his own car club with some friends. I asked if I could join, but my Prius doesn’t qualify. Bummer!

While this truck is old and dusty, doesn’t run, needs a lot of work, I can still see the beauty of it all.

Pioneer Town, CA

20 Jan

Over the New Year’s weekend, we took a trip to Pioneer Town. Pioneer Town is a little town in the High Desert near Yucca Valley. We went specifically to eat at Pappy and Harriet’s, a fun place to eat with delicious burgers, chili and more! Pappy and Harriet’s was also featured on an Anthony Bourdain special, so they are kind of a big deal! The place has fun decor and band posters everywhere! They have a stage and lots of bands come to play live there.

After getting full on yummy grub, we walked through Pioneer Town.

This little tourist attraction reminds me of walking through Knott’s Berry Farm!

Have you ever been to any ghost towns or places like Pioneer Town? I love places like this!

VW Fun

19 Jan

While out in the desert, the kids had a blast from the past in this VW Van! My in-laws own this cute and very retro vehicle and keep it out in the desert. While it needs some TLC, it does actually run.

I really like the interior and it doesn’t actually need that much work done to spruce it up! I’m thinking of finding an awesome vintage print and making curtains for the windows and maybe even take a stab at upholstry for the seat! What do you think?

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