An Apple a Day

6 Oct

This week my daughter is learning about apples in preschool. They are learning everything there is about apples, including seeds, apple trees, and apple blossoms! On Wednesday they made applesauce and tried apple pie, apple butter, apple jam and other apple foods. I decided I’d make a special treat for her friends at school, apple shaped pops. I thought about making cake pops, but that is too much work on a Tuesday night. I saw this idea online, apple shaped Rice Krispies treats! I changed it up a bit and they turned out great!

Step one: Make the Rice Krispies treats as directed. Once the marshmallow is melted, add in foor coloring (before adding the cereal).

Step two: spray your hands with cooking spray and hand roll the treats into an apple shape. This is a little bit of a sticky mess, but the cooking spray really helps! I put my finished treats into the refrigerator for a little bit while I did the next step. I really wanted to cool them down to set.

Step three: This is my prep step for decorating. I cut pretzel sticks to make stems, mixed three kinds of green sprinkles I had in a small bowl and melted some chocolate almond bark in a Wilton plastic piping bag.

Step four: Take the melted almond bark and pipe leaf shapes onto wax paper. I used chocolate because I had some open already. You can used white almonda bark or even the Wilton green candy melts. While the “leaves” are still melted, spoon the sprinkles over them. Once finished with the leaves, you can tap the extra sprinkles into the bowl. I exchanged these in the refrigerator for the rice treats.

Step five: Using the melting chocolate, dip the tip of the pretzel in the chocolate and gently press into the top of the rice treat. Repeat the same with the pop stick.

Step six: Add the leaves! Gently remove the leaves from the wax paper. Using a toothpick, “paint” the back of the leaf with melting chocolate and gently press close to the “stem” of the apple.

I wrapped my pops in individual plasic for the kids to take home. You can also cut out worm shapes and tie them on as little name tags. It’s a cute treat for a summer party, back to school or whenever you feel like making something fun! I want to try orange for pumpkins on Halloween!

In other Apple news, we have lost a great innovator, a game changer- Steve Jobs. My Apple a day makes so many things easier, my life more organized, brings joy to my kids and so much more. Thank you Steve! Rest in Peace.


One Response to “An Apple a Day”

  1. Jeanette October 6, 2011 at 1:47 pm #

    How cute…and they look yummy.

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