A Cupcake Surprise

30 Sep

Have you noticed a new product on your grocery store shelf? There is a new type of cake mix that is specifically for making cupcakes with filling inside! What?! Should we pay more for something that appears to be easy? I then had an idea while standing in the baking aisle looking at that box of cupcake mix, marshmallow fluff centers!

I mixed together red velvet cake mix as directed on the box. Once the mix was finished, I poured it into the baking cups, only partially though. I used a piping bag (or zip lock bag and cut the corner tip) to pipe the fluff in the baking cup. Next I poured more mix on top to cover the fluff.

During the baking process, the house began to smell like marshmallow and campfires. The fluff worked its way to the top of the cupcake mix while baking. The fluff never actually burned or caught fire, but it didn’t look that good once it came out of the oven.

After the cupcakes cooled completely, I frosted the cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Finally, they looked like normal cupcakes! I used little leaf sprinkles for a fun fall treat! The cupcakes were a hit and the marshmallow was a nice and sweet hidden surprise!


One Response to “A Cupcake Surprise”

  1. Dora September 30, 2011 at 2:54 pm #

    They look delicious!

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