Make A Wish…

16 Sep

We’re back!  Sorry for the unexpected disappearing act.  But I promise that going forward we’ll have a bright new perspective as our Dear Summer has blazed a trail (once again) to Oregon.

On to the important stuff…This weekend we have a birthday to celebrate!  Today’s post is in honor of Caasi’s youngest turning a very big 2!!!

Our family is….in a word….efficient.  Once a month we all get together and celebrate every birthday in that month.  We knock it all out in one day.  We started this for several reasons.  One being that there are a lot of us.  If we celebrated everyone’s birthdays separately we would literally have a party every Saturday and Sunday, excluding holidays.  Another reason is that as we’ve grown up (kinda) and got grown up jobs and bought grown up homes we’ve become a little more spread out than we once were.  It’s just easier.  It keeps the family bonds nice and tight and still allows us time to have our own lives.

For the September birthdays I made some pretty simple lemon cupcakes with blueberry lemon buttercream frosting and then a little kiss of lemon on top of that.  The really special part though, was the birthday candle.

I made candy candles using paper straws and candy melts.  To add a little whimsy and color to the candles I mixed some sprinkles in with the candy melts.  Once I had my melting candy ready to be piped, I cut my straws into thirds.  I piped the candy into the straws until I could see it come out the other end.  Place them in the frig to set.

Once they’re completely hard, you just have to (carefully) peel the paper straw off your candle.  Once I had them all out, I dipped the tips in a little water and rolled them in yellow sugar crystals for the “flame.”  They are so cute and totally appropriate for the little ones.  Plus you can still make a birthday wish on them.  I have it on good authority that they come true too!


One Response to “Make A Wish…”

  1. Dora September 18, 2011 at 10:52 am #

    Glad to hear from. Love the candle. Keep on creating!

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