2 Sep

Before our trip to Scottsdale last month I was looking for a new purse and/or weekend bag to take with me.  I wanted a “carry on” for the front seat during our road trip.  You know that bag that is stylish enough for you to carry you magazines and sparkling water, but durable enough to also hold a leaky sippy cup and diaper cream?  Ya, I wanted a new one of those…

I dug up the purse grave yard at the bottom of my closet and found this horrific purse that I am embarrassed to have once used (and regularly).  I didn’t even bother photographing it.  The one redeeming quality about  it was its handles.  It had great faux bamboo handles.  I cut them off and decided to make my own bag.  I happened to have some canvas, home decor fabric that didn’t work out for another project.

I didn’t measure or anything, sorry….but I can tell you that all I did was lay the handles on the ground next to the fabric and eye ball what size I thought was proportionate to the size of the handles.  I cut 4 pieces of fabric all that same size.  Two pieces would make the lined inside and the other two would be the outside.  I sewed three sides together on each set.  I then turned one set inside out and placed the other inside it.

Then I cut small strips and sewed them into loops to attach the bamboo handles.  I turned the top edges in and pinned in place, also pinning the loops in place.  Then I just had to sew one seam around the top.

I was also able to salvage a cardboard bottom from another bag and recovered that with the same fabric.  To get the bottom to have squared off edges like the cardboard bottom I simply folded the corners down and sewed them in place.

I can take this bag to the beach, the pool or a weekend getaway.  My favorite part is that it was completely free and I had everything on hand.


Hope everyone has a safe and fun-filled holiday weekend!







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