Walking Amongst the Dinos

1 Sep

Caasi and I are blessed with curious little ones that LOVE dinos.  Scratch that, they are OBSESSED with dinos!  Earlier this summer the new Dinosaur Hall opened at the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County so we’ve been planning our trip for a while.

We purchased our tickets online here.  Tickets are a reasonable $5.00 for children over 4 and $12.00 for adults or anyone over 12.  They also honor discounts for students and senior citizens.  When you purchase your tickets you’ll purchase a pass for a time slot in the Dinosaur Hall (it doesn’t cost extra).  I would advise going early.  We went at 10am and by the time we were headed out of Dinosaur Hall and into the rest of the museum there was a major line to get into the new exhibit.

I think my favorite part about the new exhibit was the T. Rex Growth Series.  They have a baby T-Rex, a juvenile T-Rex and a sub-adult T-Rex.  It’s the only collection of its kind in the US.  It’s really great to see them next together.  Another great thing that I noticed about the exhibit was all the knowledgeable staff on hand to answer questions and offer insight and interaction for all the visitors.  My son was thrilled when he met the guy walking around with fossilized dino poop!  He even got to hold it!

They also have a fun exhibit with man-sized puppets.  A T-Rex joined us around 11:30am with a handler and the kids enjoyed a little show of sorts that allowed them to see a T-Rex in action.  The puppets are available at different times and they aren’t always dinosaurs, so you might want to check the schedule ahead of time and plan accordingly.

I honestly thought we would struggle to keep ourselves busy until the 11:30am show, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  The museum itself is HUGE!  What I thought would be a 2 hour visit turned out to be an all day affair.  There was so much to see (including the amazing architecture).  They have a cafe downstairs as well so you can catch a bite to eat so you have enough energy to make your way through the rest of the museum.

As we left the museum, I mentioned to my mom that I wish we were members so we could come back.  There is just so much to do and see!  If you’re looking for a quick trip before school starts or perhaps over the long weekend ahead of us, and are willing to brave LA’s traffic, think about Dinosaur Hall.  It won’t disappoint!


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