A San Francisco Treat

23 Aug

Recently I spent the weekend in San Francisco! As you may remember, one of my best friends is getting married and we spent her bachelorette weekend in San Francisco. It was a beautifully planned event by the MOH, Sarah. Sarah is not a professional planner, but she should be! The weekend was so packed with great food and fond memories that I can’t get everything out in one post! This will be the first in a short series of posts about the greatest weekend!We all met up at LAX on Friday morning and boarded our flight! It was a little over an hour and we had arrived. We took a short trip on the BART and there we were, in the center of it all! San Francisco is such a gorgeous city!

We hoofed it up Powell Street to our hotel. I was not prepared at all! Hiking up a hill in heels was not the best idea. It seemed like an eternity to get to California Street!

We stayed at the Stanford Renissance Hotel and we had the most amazing view from our suite. I love the architecture in the city! I always wanted to live in an apartment with a fire escape. I think I may have watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s one too many times. My husband offered to build me a fire escape outside our bedroom window, but that would have looked pretty silly on our one bedroom house!

Check out tomorrow’s post…for more on our fabulous weekend!


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