L.A. Is So Unique 2011

9 Aug

We three carpooled on over to Santa Monica’s Barker Hangar to check out Sonia Rasula’s Unique LA’s First Annual Summer Show last weekend (30 July). We all pre-ordered our tickets via Eventbrite so check-in was easy but a little sad. We were not as early as we should have been so we missed out on the cool canvas tote. Oh well. Once checked-in we were set out on a mission: a bracelet I had to have, Yvette’s inspiration sensory was on overload, and always the cool cucumber, Caas just took it all in one stride at a time.

There was quite a few foodie trucks outside along with complimentary Diet Coke, samplings of that gecko drink that escapes my mind, and sponsored wine (Naked Grapes) and beer (eh, I forgot because we didn’t drink it, sorry!).

Yes, I was smelling the flask. It was clean.

I will admit that I was a tiny, tiny bit disappointed with this show in particular. I just felt (in my own opinion) there were a lot of jewelry vendors and a lot of it was the same after awhile.

Bites That Stood Out

We did eat some delish bacon crack and couch mix (basically the best trail mix we’ve ever had b/c it had bacon in it) by Cast Iron Gourmet. They also make this Spicy Pimento Cheese spread…um, Christmas gift basket ideas anyone?!

Oh! I used a piece of the Office Floozy (a giant rose-shaped liquor chocolate cake by Immaculate Confections) to coat my tooth for this Oh Snap! Unique Photo (remember last year’s? Yvette has a thing with hats! Poor Caas… that’s how most people feel with my driving.)

I bought this AMAZING Black Truffle Salt and Australian Murray River salt from this new company called HEPP’s Salt Barrel. The Black Truffle Salt reminded me of salt we had at this great restaurant in Seoul. The server gave me a bag of it and we finally used it all up, like LAST year… so our steaks haven’t been the same BUT now there’s hope! And I can leave my Seoul trippin’ neighbor alone for awhile (he has business trips that take him there every few months).

For the Pens (if you still know what those are)

Who said stationary’s dead? Not I! I heart Jeanette of Sweet Perversion so hard! LA Weekly called her “quaintly crass” and I love that too. She just totally helps you say what your heart’s brain is really ticking… I mean thinking or feeling. I wonder if Target will ever sell sweet perversions?

That's Jeanette. Isn't she cute? She's one "crafty a$$ b..." wink wink

I PROMISE… Pinky Swear…

When I purchased my sling shot and seed bombs for guerilla gardening practices I had to promise the guy (his name is Daniel and he’s the co-founder of Common Studio) that I wouldn’t take aim at Yvette or any other persons in my earth beautification process. He said their good for shooting the seed bombs into ugly fields, not at people… I was thinking of the homeless people and wanted to shoot some in their general direction. Not to hurt them but when they woke up they would have either a nice garden of arugula or beautiful flowers for their butterfly friends. Geesh! Do I look like the type of person that would take aim with a loaded sling shot? (Don’t answer that Yvette) My photo wasn’t that great so I borrowed this one from LA Weekly:

Photo By: Paul T. Bradley for LA Weekly

I really want to grow my own arugula (in Europe it’s called Rocket Salad) and I really wanted that sling shot so, naturally, I bought the sling shot and a ten pack of organic arugula seed balls. What? It’s a good sling shot!


OK, let’s wrap this up. We had a great time. I found my Sol Del Sur bracelet but had it custom made because I wanted it thinner. Should arrive in the mail any day now. I saw another bracelet I really liked that inspired me to crack the code but that’s for me to know and you to find out. Speaking of code… when you ask my 2-year old what a horsie says, he responds with, “YEEHAW!” Coincidentally, COATT makes the sweetest morse coded necklaces on a simple color thread and they had one that said ‘YEEHAW’! I am now a proud owner of that 18 in necklace.

New but old make-up alert!!! All three of us bought mascara and balm from the 1930’s Besame Cosmetics line. The mascara will most likely be the only mascara you will ever want to wear! Creamy and doesn’t clump… it smells very nice too! You can reapply to your lashes content! The balm is so beautiful. It makes you wonder where it all went wrong in the world. All natural ingredients. The packaging is truly lovely and makes you feel so rich (and thrifty at the same time- just like the old days or just like today!)

There’s a ton I would like to talk about (like the bamboo sunglasses we missed out on) but I’ll save it all for another blog. Unless you were there and you want to share your favs?!


One Response to “L.A. Is So Unique 2011”

  1. whoopiecookie August 9, 2011 at 1:10 pm #

    Oh the bamboo sunglasses….my face misses them…

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